Airport’s cold space: a Crystal project

Procurement  Team Crystal’s idea of creating a cold storage infrastructure amidst the airport without any civil construction and cost came into light not long after the global pandemic started, when the […]

Time to Transition to Low-GWP Refrigerants

By Casey Sky Noon, Business Development Coordinator for CoolSys Energy Design With quickly accelerating fears of the global impact of climate change, national and international legislation aims to replace the […]

Starting a Cold Chain Business for Beginners

What is Cold Chain? The cold chain refers to managing the temperature of perishable products food (vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood, dairy products), Flowers and plants, Bio-pharmaceutical products under controlled conditions […]

CO2/NH3 Cascade Industrial Refrigeration Systems

While striving to support cost effective( both initial & operating) and energy efficient ecofriendly green refrigeration systems, it is time we adopt the attitude of Can-Do credo by switching from […]

Best Practices for Managing Cold Chain Problems

In current time, cold chain management has become a progressive complex process, this is because of the increasing demand in Food, Medical and Pharmaceuticals divisions and their stringent regulatory requirements. […]

Potential of Cold Chain Storage Segment in India

By Vikram S. Puri, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Rotarian with multiple technology patents and 34+years of Supply Chain Experience. Cold Storage Facilities play an important role in improvement of shelf life […]

Indian Logistics and Supply Chain Trends 2021

By: Mr. Aditya Vazirani, CEO – Robinsons Global Logistics Solutions The pandemic and the lockdown that lasted for major part of 2020, proved to be testing times for various businesses […]

Plug in.. Login… Relax

Supply Chains are tough businesses to be in; it takes a lot of effort and time to get things right and accurate. From managing fleets to getting the delivery just […]

5-point strategy against Corona

GROUP7 Managing Director Günther Jocher presents strategy at German Logistics Congress How to deal with the rising COVID-19 numbers and the immediate effects on employees, supply chain and turnover calculations? […]

Cold Storage: Delivering on customers’ needs

Maersk is ticking all the right boxes with a state-of-the-art cold storage facility near Chennai for its customers with the requirements of import and export of perishable goods Over the […]