Smart Warehousing: Need of an hour

Sushil Gupta, Chairman, Richa Industries Limited


India is changing rapidly with the adoption of innovative technologies which are quick, smart and cost effective. In recent years, the warehousing industry has witnessed major technological revolution. The focus is more towards the acceptance of modern techniques to enhance the quality, integrity and longevity of the products stored or preserved. From normal RCC to smart Pre Engineered Building (PEB) warehouses, the industry has come a long way.

Demand of Warehouses Warehousing is an essential part of any supply chain and logistics industry. The demand of warehouses is huge. In the country like India, the logistics and warehousing industry is one of the predominant industries in the nation.

Currently, the government initiative of implementing ‘Make in India’ concept and rise in domestic consumption generating mammoth requirement for additional warehouses all across the country. ‘Make in India’ campaign emphasizing on local manufacturing and it is generating a need for increasing storage capacities in the country.

To abbreviate damage and proper storage of tonnes of food products and other commodities, the urgent need of quicker, advanced and economical warehouses boosting the growth of logistics and warehousing industry in the country. According to Ken Research, the revenue of logistics and warehousing industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10.7% during 2015-2019.

Technological shift from traditional Godown to modern PEB Warehouse

Nowadays, warehouses made up of Pre Engineered Building technique are much in demand. More than 80% warehouses are being built in the country with the use of Pre Engineered Building technique. Due to enormous advantages, PEB technique is speedily gaining popularity leaving behind conventional mode of construction. Some of the most attractive features associated with the warehouses manufactured through PEB technique includes stability, durability, low maintenance, economic, rapid construction and easy future expansion.

Steel preferred choice of construction

Today, Steel is one of the most preferred material of construction not only in India but across the world. Research shows, out of the 40 million tones of steel produced in India, two – thirds finds its way into the construction segment.

Steel buildings are high in strength, lighter in weight and are more efficient and flexible in comparison to traditional construction. These buildings are inherently ‘green’ or environment friendly buildings and contain high quantity of recyclable content which is increasing its popularity.

These buildings are completely manufactured in the factory under systematic and automated controls and hence do not leave any negative impact on environment.

The demand of warehouses is immense in the country. Every industry like agriculture, FMCG or consumer durable etc, needs a warehouse to stock their commodity and release in the market as per the market demand.

To match the pace of fast growing demand of warehouses in the country, Pre Engineered Buildings are emerging as perfect alternative to conventional construction and taking construction industry to next level by efficiently meeting the requirement.

Advantages of Pre Engineered Buildings 

While building warehouses, use of steel is majorly advantageous:

  • Speed of construction could be much higher as offsite fabrication helps increasing speed. It is easy to construct and delivery takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Steel is recyclable and is considered as a green building material. Its high strength reduces overall consumption of material so it is sustainable. Using these buildings help in conservation of nature.
  • Quality control is much better as material is pre-fabricated. It is quite challenging to control quality at sites and quite often we pay very high cost to get those qualities at site. These buildings completely manufactured in factory in a controlled environment.
  • Advanced technologies are being deployed in manufacturing of these buildings. The industry is using BIM (building information modelling) software like Tekla. Using these technologies, site errors are reduced to minimum levels. Services are integrated using these technologies. There are large savings in service cost by integrating them using BIM. Structure is supplied at site with all the provisions for all kind of services.
  • Steel with its high strength in tension and compression offers lot of choices to architects. Multiple shapes which cannot be imagined in RCC can be possible in steel.
  • Dependency on labour is reduced as much less manpower is engaged at site. Cost overruns are minimized as all the cost factors are controlled at design stage. It is 15 to 20% cheaper than a conventional method.
  • Modifications in steel building is very easy. Structural strength of a steel beam can be easily enhanced by welding extra plate or additional member. Column strength can be enhanced by adding additional plates on its surfaces.
  • Future expansion is possible in Pre Engineered Buildings.

These advantages of PEB have made it preferred choice for building smart warehouses in the country. We, at Richa Industries, are committed to Design, Manufacture and Install Pre-Engineered Buildings which are 100% customized and designed in accordance with sound principles of Engineering using Computer-Aided Designing. We offer hi-tech solutions to our customers by utilizing MBS (Metal Building Software), Staad Pro (3D Structural analysis and design software) and Tekla (Model-based software) with highest precision to meet the structural requirements of the Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems.

Richa has vast experience of manufacturing most advanced warehouses in all across India. We deliver all types of warehousing solutions for bare storage, open storage, multi-level and storage with crane facility etc. To provide cost benefits to our customers, skylights are being used for natural lighting in the warehouse. Additionally, according to the specific requirement of any warehouse, proper insulation is being provided to control the temperature of the warehouse. We are dedicated to deliver after sales service to our customers and quickly resolve their queries.


PEB industry in India is well equipped and using most modern technologies in the world and geared up to play much wider role. There is immense scope of PEB in warehousing. Time and cost benefits are two of the most attractive features of Pre Engineered Buildings which make it the best option to meet the soaring demand of warehouses. Therefore, PEB is a perfect fit for developing a well tuned and modern warehouse.  

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