In conversation with Venkat Rao, Country General Manager (Enterprise) at Pitney Bowes India

What led you from there to become a technology company?

Venkat Rao, Country General Manager (Enterprise) at Pitney Bowes India

Pitney Bowes had a transformation of 95-year-old Pitney Bowes from mailing and shipping provider to a global technology company.

Pitney Bowes offers innovative products and solutions that enable commerce in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, shipping and mailing, and global ecommerce.

We have more than 1.5 million clients in approximately 100 countries around the world rely on products, solutions and services.

We are termed as ‘Craftsmen of Commerce’ working in the complexity of commerce, powering billions of transactions, digital and physical.

Where is Pitney Bowes based? Where do you develop your solutions?

Pitney Bowes Inc. is an American provider of global eCommerce solutions, shipping , Sortation and mailing products, location intelligence, customer engagement and customer information management solutions. It is headquartered in in Stamford, Connecticut where it develops its solutions.

Being the only global player to have direct operations in India Pitney Bowes is well positioned. With the advent of digital age postal services in the country Pitney Bowes offer its proven world-class technology solutions to its large customer base in India.

Here, the Pitney Bowes R&D centers in India are located in Noida and Pune, with more than 600 employees, committed to bring value to our clients.

The R&D office in Noida is the single largest co-located office in Pitney Bowes, worldwide. It has been the Top 50 Great Places to Work, four years in a row. It also recently expanded with its new office in Gurgaon underscoring investments in the field of innovation.

Pitney Bowes is also the leading provider of stamp duty evidencing solutions in India and have provided end-to-end customer communication management solutions to help organizations effectively manage their digital and physical communication needs in the growing market.

Its software business helps corporations and government agencies to acquire serve and grow customer/citizen relationships. Their solutions add data quality geocoding location intelligence predictive analytics communication management and mailing efficiency into critical customer relationship management workflows and business systems.

Leading corporations’ major government agencies and top systems integrators worldwide rely on Pitney Bowes’ proven expertise and decades of leadership.

Recently, it has ventured into the business of secured evidencing and visitor management solutions.

Do you sell your solutions direct or through distributors?

The GTM (Go to Market) devised to meet the client requirements in India is a hybrid model with the use of both Direct & Indirect sales models.

We are continuously expanding our footprint of partner network to meet the requirements of the robust growth of the Ecommerce industry through our Sortation solutions.

How are you structured to sell your products to the warehouse and logistics audience?

The Document Messaging Technologies (DMT) business unit of Pitney Bowes address the warehouse and logistics audience through the company’s Sortation solutions, which includes the design, manufacturing, installation and service of Sortation equipment. This includes products in the category of One Sort & True Sort coupled with intuitive Business Logic Processing (BLP) software.

How big is Pitney Bowes now in turnover and staff?

We do not share numbers. In terms of employees, Pitney Bowes has more than 800 employees in the country, spread across various locations including the company’s largest R&D center outside of US, in Noida.

Pitney Bowes has been recognized as one of Great Places To Work 5 years in a row and is one of the Top 5 IT companies in India.

What do you offer in terms of Location Intelligence?

Pitney Bowes believes there is significant advancement not just to create completely new categories but also to modernize the existing categories. We recently launched state-of-the-art location intelligence solutions last month. One can experience PB’s Location Intelligence capabilities in a completely new and different way, giving an impactful new set of business opportunities.

For example:

•       In Geocoding – Pitney Bowes is launching a new Geo-enrichment product. It is pre-geocoded with Master Location Data (MLD) database with most accurate location data for over 170 million U.S. addresses with 100’s of attributes all pre-packaged having highest accuracy, depth and width of dataset and making it easy for append additional attributes.

Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence solutions also feature access to over 350 global data sets, and powerful analytic and visualisation capabilities with easy integration into your existing IT infrastructure.

We have bigger aspirations and bolder goals. We are ushering a new era with GEO APIs where clients will experience our offerings in location intelligence in a new way. This is about explicit focus on the mobility of experience of using Location analytics in an incredible amount of ways across devices.

We are present in app developers and web developer places, marketplaces, accessible to commercial and corporate developers and consumers.

What size of operations are your different products aimed at? Which industry sectors are they in?

Client centric – One size fits none – In the real world there is no “standard” client environment. Pitney Bowes is proud to offer powerful and flexible sorting solutions for a wide variety of document and parcel materials and volumes.

We are experts in the deployment of all types of sorting systems, software and controls that enhance our client’s operations. Our goal is to understand the requirements, key critical issues, and to collaborate towards a solution that will enable you to meet the clients near-term and long-term business objectives.

Smart – Scalable – Sophisticated – Our Automated Parcel Sorting Solutions from Pitney Bowes are customized and ultra-flexible systems ideal for all kinds of operations with the key industry sectors  being – couriers Ecommerce, 3PL and postal operations looking for solutions to cope with the rising tide of internet-driven parcels.

Pitney Bowes offers an extensive range of integrated diversion systems that will fit your space, application and budget. Their flexible design enables clients to modify and expand the solutions to meet changing business needs. At Pitney Bowes, the client is central to everything we do.

Do you offer anything for companies who already have existing e-commerce systems, to help them upgrade their systems?

Yes, our Automated parcel solutions and the BLP (Business Logic Processing) Software brings in  varied levels of customization to  the existing operations too.

What kind of operational improvements can people expect using your solutions?

Pitney Bowes Solutions offers a plethora of operations improvements like:

  • Modular and flexible solutions that grow with the business
  • Automate manual tasks with speed and accuracy
  • Manual, semi, or fully automated parcel induction
  • In-line weighing and certified 3D measurement
  • Automated label print and apply
  • Wide array of out sort technologies
  • Intuitive Business Logic Processing Software

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