Two ways to increase density, efficiency and safety in warehouse coolers & freezers

“Investing in your racking system will help you maximize your cold supply chain management. Working with coolers and freezers can be daunting, but the right infrastructure will make all the difference”-Brad McNamee, President, Warehouse Rack & Shelf, LLC

As a warehouse manager, you’re always looking to maximize storage density and handling efficiency while maintaining safety. Working with coolers and freezers is especially challenging, so it’s essential that you maximize everything you can.

Because coolers and freezers have a high cost-per-foot, you want to use every square inch available to get the most for your money. This is the most expensive area in your warehouse! You also want to move product as quickly as possible because you’re working with time-sensitive inventory.

The food industry relies heavily on cold and freezer storage. The more food they’re able to ship out the door, the more money comes in the door. They need a racking system that allows for quick and easy access. This quick turnaround is tough on pallet racks. Experienced managers look at their racking systems as investments, which is why they often choose structural pallet racks over roll-formed racks. They also prefer structural racks with c-shaped columns because they are easier to wipe down.

They know the key to maximizing your cold supply chain management is to invest in your infrastructure. You have to move things quickly, so you need a rack that can stand up to daily use and abuse. The right racking system will save you time and money, while also providing maximum efficiency and density.

Start with a solid racking system. Managers have learned that it’s better to go with a more expensive option now because they’re durable and long lasting. We offer 4 systems that are ideal for cold and freezer storage. All will allow you to pack in a ton of palletized product, which is essential given how expensive the cost-per-foot is. The design is ideal for first in, first out storage. The skate wheels make it easy to quickly move inventory. Your employees will thank you – they don’t want to spend more time in the cold than they have to!

#1 PICK A RACK SYSTEM TO BEST MAXIMIZE YOUR FREEZER / COOLER SPACE:Here is breakdown of 4 most popular freezer cooler storage rack systems ranked from least to most dense, least efficient to most efficient, least expensive to most expensive:· 

a) Selective Pallet Rack – Standard pallet rack is our least expensive pallet rack system. Offers tremendous selectivity but poor storage density. This is due to extensive number of drive aisle it requires. Not recommended for coolers and freezers.·  

b) Drive in Rack – More expensive than selective pallet rack but offers the greatest density for the dollar. Drive in rack may be our densest storage rack system but doesn’t offer great efficiency. You must drive forklift into rack system load or unload and pallet and drive the forklift backwards out of the system.· 

c) Push back Rack – More expensive than drive in rack. Push back offers a nice blend of density and efficiency. Utilizes standard selective pallet racks system integrated with a cart and rail system. Pallets are loaded and unloaded from the front of the system. Pick a pallet and pallets behind will flow to the front of the system for picking.· 

d) Pallet Flow Rack – Offers the greatest combination of density and efficiency. Purest form of first-in, first-out (FIFO) storage. Load pallet from the back of the system and they flow to the front of the system for picking. Also the most expensive pallet rack system we offer. The density and selectivity are definitely worth the price – especially in the long run!


a) Post Protectors mount to the floor in front of your upright column and help prevent forklift damage to your uprights.

b) End of Aisle Protectors – Your end of aisle columns are the most vulnerable parts of your rack, so end of aisle protectors provide extra support where you need it most.· 

c) Steel Angle Guide Rail helps prevent damage to your racks. It is anchored to the concrete floor in aisle ways or drive-in rack bays. It acts as a barrier creating a safe distance between your racking system and your forklift.· Pallet Rack Uprights with Double Column Reinforcement – Adds more damage resistance to upright column helping to prevent damage. Also increases upright capacity.· Pallet Rack Uprights with Slant leg / Slope leg front columns – Set back column helps prevent damage by keeping front post out of harm’s way.  It can only be used in back to back rows.

d) Pallet Rack with Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish – Coolers have moisture that can cause rust. That is why it’s important have hot dipped galvanized finish applied to pallet rack. It resists rust and helps you meet FDA regulations.

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