Wire Decking: Reduce Fire Hazards, Increase Safety

“Warehouses across the country are retrofitting wood decks with wire decks and you should too. Not only for the safety features, but the other great benefits as well! ” –Brad McNamee, President, Warehouse Rack & Shelf, LLC

Out with old and in with the new – gone are the days of hazardous wood decks and pallet support. With an increased emphasis on cleanliness and fire resistance, wire decking has emerged as the ultimate choice in all of your storing needs.

One word: SAFETY

In recent years, Fire Marshalls have been requiring that distributers replace wood decking in their warehouses because of it’s fire hazard. Even in some newly permitted spaces, Fire Marshalls might put yellow tape around your rack and not allow you to use it until you’ve replaced it with steel decking.

This is where wire decking—the cheapest option—comes in handy. It is non-flammable and meets Fire Marshall’s requirements.

As more and more municipalities are adopting and enforcing strict fire prevention codes in warehouses, you simply cannot be caught off-guard in an inspection.

Make the change to wire decking today. However, there’s more than just fire resistance: wire decking is by far the overall safest option available.

Wood decking is often not strong enough to support heavy loads, but wire decking is solid and dependable by supporting pallet loads up to 2,500 lbs, based on evenly distributed loads. Plus, the wire grid provides a sturdy surface that will completely support misplaced loads that fall away, potentially, on someone’s head!

It is absolutely essential on cross aisles of pallet rack with the wire mesh acting as a safety net to help prevent boxes from falling into aisles and walkways. These safety features, alone, makes wire decks a great investment.

After making the switch to the safer option, you might even see a reduction in insurance rates! The all-steel, open design of wire decking allows for more efficient operating of the overhead sprinkler.

Insurance companies often require this in new or upgraded installations of warehouses, so you can effectively lower your rates with wire decking. 

We could go on and on about the other great advantages, including:
• The flexibility to store full pallet loads or individual boxes of varying sizes and capacities.
• Easy and fast drop-in installation
• Better illumination and visibility of stored product, allowing easier inventory
• Low maintenance because dust and dirt cannot build up on wire mesh so it requires less cleaning. 

Warehouses across the country are retrofitting wood decks with wire decks and you should too. Not only for the safety features, but the other great benefits as well!

Any way you add it up – wire decking literally sells itself …and Warehouse Rack & Shelf has over 100,000 ISO 9000 quality wire mesh decks in stock nationwide. We have the lowest prices on quality, lightweight, heavy duty welded decking and we can help you become fire code compliant fast.

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