Another interesting fact to be noted is that the cold chain is growing at more than double the rate of non-temperature controlled pharma products which gives it a very healthy outlook, at least for the next few years- Mr. Akash Agrawal, Director & CEO, Crystal Logistic Cold Chain Ltd.

Mr. Akash Agrawal, Director & CEO, Crystal Logistic Cold Chain Ltd.

Logistics is known as the management of the flow of goods from one place to another. Logistics is carried out for almost every product that needs to be delivered to the customer. Logistics can be differentiated in various ways. One of the most popular and commonly used logistics are temperature controlled logistics.

Modern customers need precise processes and innovative tools that can transport their shipments around the world with various temperature changes. These temperature control logistics are a part of what we call ‘cold chain’. They also include the refrigerated trucks that are adjusted as per the need for the items. These products include fruits, drugs, flowers, meat and poultry, seafood etc. Temperature Controlled vehicles, various refrigeration facilities, heat control devices etc. are constantly being updated to provide better facilities.

A consumer-focused “cold chain” is the preferred nomenclature for management of temperature-sensitive products as they move through the supply chain until they successfully land in the hands of customers. Temperature controlled logistics have seen exponential growth in the recent past with the food industry leading the race, closely followed by the pharmaceutical industry (pharma). Temperature management is one of the most critical aspects pharma shippers must focus on. The experts working under the umbrella of the Crystal Logistic Cool Chain Ltd have a complete understanding of such requirement and is setting new standards in the cold chain industry as their expertise spans for over 55 years

The pharma cold chain industry was estimated at $13.4 billion in 2017, Biopharma Cold Chain Sourcebook published by Pharmaceutical Commerce and further, projected an annual growth rate of 5-6% until 2021. This trend leans more toward spending on controlled room temperature (CRT) shipping than anything else. Another interesting fact to be noted is that the cold chain is growing at more than double the rate of non-temperature controlled pharma products which gives it a very healthy outlook, at least for the next few years.

Temperature management is critical for pharma shippers today and is key to maintaining a competitive edge. Active, semi-active, and passive packaging solutions have become routine. New technologies continue to appear in packaging, phase-change materials, and types of containers. Good distribution practices (GDP) for CRT shipping are gaining in importance. This is exactly what the cold storage experts, Crystal Group look to provide.

However, the real competitive advantage lies in successfully monitoring the supply chain and achieving perfect coordination between stakeholders. This is only possible through a detailed understanding of WHO’s GDPs, mastering the fundamentals of temperature assurance packaging, a careful analysis of existing data and enabling digital communication through every step of the supply chain, and the establishment of a transparent stakeholder network. Such are the beliefs of Crystal Logistics Cold Chain Ltd.

Crystal has over the years built its reputation for providing quality service to its customers. By quality Crystal means, on time delivery, ability to provide service within 24 hours anywhere in India, strong back-up and contingency plans and very low spoilage rate.

Crystal Logistics Cold Chain Ltd Modern Fleet includes trained drivers with more than 150 refrigerated trucks of varied vehicle sizes, capable to carrying load of 700Kg to 22MT, multiple temperature capabilities (+60 to -60 degree Celsius). Crystal Group uses latest technology of GPS and data loggers, enabling 24/7 online vehicle and temperature tracking with imported refrigeration units (Carrier & Thermoking), thus assuring quality and international standards. Crystal group reefer containers are ISO approved PUF insulated body of 125mm, 38kg density with aluminum rail channels inside the body for proper air circulation. Strip curtain provided at the rear to prevent air escape.

Crystal Group Temperature controlled vehicles include below features:

1. Insulators:

The vehicle includes high insulating value. This means they are able to stop the outer heat from entering the vehicle. The external material is designed with special insulators. 

2. Flooring:

The flooring is properly Anti-slip aluminum flooring so that the products do not slip while storing or at the time of delivering them. Products might break down once they fall on the hard ground. So, the flooring are special aluminum flooring.

3. Doors:

Crystal Group reefer container doors are easy for one hand opening with an inbuilt lock system. This prevents the liquid goods from flowing out of the vehicle when it is on the way.

4. Proper lighting:

The interior have 220 volts of electricity power installed. This helps in identifying the goods at the time of delivery. Proper lights help to detect the damaged products. The damaged products gets immediately removed.

5. Temperature range:

Generally, the temperature ranges between -40 degree to +18 degree Celsius. However, this temperature can go maximum up to 0.5 degree Celsius in some of the cases.

6. Inbuilt alarm:

Crystal group trucks fitted with alarm attached to the floors of the vehicle. This help the driver to prevent damages and designed in such a way that as soon as there is any leakage on the floor, the alarm would start ringing. The driver would soon be aware of it and can prevent any further loss.

The business of temperature control logistics is very challenging. One cannot be careless in handling such goods because a single mistake can spoil the whole batch of goods Customer satisfaction results in the enhancement of all kinds of businesses. The end product which reaches the consumers determines the level of customer satisfaction, and In order to do so, Crystal Logistics Cold Chain Ltd provides best logistics service providers to deliver the products safely, timely and sound manner

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