Updated status on Cold Chain Industry

As we are all aware that Refrigeration, the product of cold, an essential technology in global economies’ cold chain industry, has applications well beyond food processing and preservation.  It includes manufacturing of chemicals and other materials, biomedical (e.g. vaccines) , freezing of soil, cooling of concrete etc. Based on IIR estimates for 2015, the impact on climate change thru the refrigeration sector (including air conditioning, heat pumps & cryogenics) account for approx. 17% of the overall electricity used worldwide and 7.8% global green-house gas emissions.

Hence the sustainable growth of Refrigeration Sector in the coming years remains high due to increasing cooling needs in various fields of our life and off course demand for decrease in global warming.  Therefore ignoring 2015 Paris Accord Climate Change on global warming could shrink the GDP followed by economy of countries not abiding to this accord. This is because the UN inter government panel on climate change warns that the world had only until 2030 before global warming reached a level that would lead to mass food shortages unless major changes were promptly made.   Also without the refrigeration industry our modern world would not exist. Simultaneously the cold chain industry plays a major role in today’s global economy extending significant contributions towards food, health, thermal comfort energy and environmental domains, all of which call for unified and effective actions.

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