In conversation with Mr. Eppo Woortman, Founder, DEISKO Ltd.

February 13, 2018

“I see more necessities to find “trending” equipment and or logistic system solutions to ensure temperature maintenance in the line(s) of distribution, where more than just the temperature are seen as variables that contribute to less food waste, more food safety and more cost reductions!” 

Can you talk us through the services you provide – to assist the demand of Logistics/distribution companies and so on?

DEISKO Ltd. is a solution providing company for logistics companies, food markets and Produce [Fruits & Vegetables] producers and traders. In fact to, and for anyone who is dealing or has to deal with temperature aspects / maintenance during storage and / or transport. This all to get logistics optimization! This can be in the food, medicines and even chemical sectors.
We focus on: freshness, food safety and cost reduction in the (fine) distribution.
The solutions we bring can be by a consult (Knowledge sharing) and/or by equipment supplies. With most of the solution equipment producers we have a regional import- and distribution contract, with one even an international. We prefer to deal with the best qualities available on the market. These not always have to be the newest, but are leading that specific group.

When was Deisko founded and what were the first products you offered?
DEISKO was founded from a three year old one man “private” company on December 5 of 2007. This was when we started to grow with the distribution of the French OLIVO insulated containers in Turkey.
Before DEISKO , a start in 2004, we imported and distribution insulated bags for the retail and insulated pallet covers from Denmark. In those days Cold-Chain / Cold Logistics was not a hot subject. During some first meetings  during 2004 and 2007, I was asked if I was selling some cold chains, and what they could do with it.

Which types of products do you specialize in and which industry sectors do you work?
We are very strong specialized, when it comes to micro-distribution cost reduction solutions for fresh, chilled and frozen food. This is when from one point (RDC) three regimes (Ambient / Chilled / Frozen) of products need to be delivered in one delivery run. Chilled and frozen products are always lower in volume when compared to an equal supply frequency of ambient products. So there is a lot to earn/save there!
We are active on the retail logistics, Produce manufactures / traders, medicine distribution, e-commerce logistics solutions, flower producers -distributors and stores.

Where about in the Turkey are you based? Could you please explain your projects designed to reinforce its global growth strategy?
We are based in the East side of the metropole Istanbul in Ataşehir (the Anatolian/Asian side).
Since 2015 were are for Europe, North-Africa, Middle East , West-Asia and Russia the importer (main distributor) for the American Bleuzone Fresh Preservation Technology of Primaira LLC. Due to our local politics and economic problems in 2016, we finally managed to pick up the business middle 2017. Our network of Bluezone resellers is recently growing and we expect to grow much faster within the next 12 months!
It also took some time to get the first local sales, but reverences are increasing as clients are satisfied. Our country resellers in the Nordics (Scandinavian countries), France, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan are getting more and more leads. It won’t be long until their first projects will develop.

What do you think will be the biggest opportunity areas for Cold Chain Logistics Service providers in the coming years?
There are three fields where opportunities can be forecasted:
1. Cold-Rooms (Storage facilities):
Opportunities will be there (and increase) in the cold storage room providers builders with their investors, but also cost saving innovation providers where cooling and freezing units get more efficient.

2. Logistics:
I would prefer to have no longer specialist companies on cold-chain in transports, but all -round companies who have specialist in house to combine Cold-Chain with ambient. This way cold-chain required shipments are no longer niche markets what increases the prices, but just a discipline in solutions at all-round “common” prices the best quality!

3. E-commerce distribution
A challenging area will be cold logistics system in combination with packaging development for the growing e-commerce their cold-chain demands. Wide network Cold and Frozen cross-dock facilities in combination with simplified packaging and the use of eutectics (PCM’s) in combination with cryonics might do! 

Can you tell us about some of your clients and the work you do for them?
Our clients are dealing with new regulations on temperature management in the food distribution, maximum weight of their vehicles, traffic stress and time limits (at night silenced deliveries) as well ever increasing fuel prices. Together with our client their logistics managers and if possible project-managers we examine their current situation. If sufficient statistic data is available we can project on lean base what products and or systems will be most efficient on short and long terms.

What’s been your biggest project to date?

After 10 years being operational, we are about to start three bigger projects where:
1. A supermarkets its frozen distribution will be 100% integrated with ambient and chilled vehicle transportation using OLIVO containers and PCM and/or CO2 Cryonic energy.
2. A Food-waste reduction project within an operation of a logistics company that is storing and distributing food in aid projects. Here the Produce group of products will be kept fresh longer, extending their shelf live with a factor 2 to 3, feeding more mouths healthier food.
3. In cooperation with a Dutch innovative solution provider of PCM’s, subsidized by the Dutch government we will do have an agricultural presentation of a postharvest homogeny prechilling system for fruits and vegetables by May/June 2018 in Turkey.

Selling solutions (systems & equipment) in the Cold-Chain sector has been or still is first informing maybe even providing education, followed by testing….
Once clients are convinced, any project may start, but then still all is depending on the World and Local economical situations and expectations.

What about Heat Protection?

Sure a thing to notice and to work on as insulation works on two sides!
I more and more do like to mention “Temperature Management in Logistics” instead of using “Cold-Chain” or “Cold Logistics”. In fact… Keeping a product above critical temperatures (hot food 65°C+) requires other equipment. We have some solutions for that and even some well respected high quality restaurants using such materials.

Do you publish any cold chain-logistics report or case-studies for the industry users?
We have some reports we can and do share. Some relations are not that keen on sharing their data, but any way yes…. We do share from time to time. Sometimes on Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+), but more frequently with students and on seminars.

Will you be exhibiting at any trade shows in 2018?
Nothing of such planned for 2018, but we may participate some trade shows in the 2nd half of this book-year, where most probably we will concentrate on the international market for our Bluezone solutions! But as mentioned with the upcoming bigger projects we will need all our strength and power to follow up correctly.

Finally-What are the major trends and developments in Cold Chain Sector?
To me there isn’t such a thing as a trend in Cold-Chain, although I would like to set some trends. I see more necessities to find “trending” equipment and or logistic system solutions to ensure temperature maintenance in the line(s) of distribution, where more than just the temperature are seen as variables that contribute to less food waste, more food safety and more cost reductions! 


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