In Conversation with Mr. Prateek P. Jalan, Founder & CEO, Prospera Transpora- An Associate Company of Sati Enterprises

February 23, 2018

“With companies and the government both investing heavily into the cold-chain industry, as well as the growing awareness amongst customers with regard to the importance of quality and temperature controlled transportation, the industry in the coming 5-10 years is going to grow significantly”

For the uninitiated, how did you come to start Prospera Transpora?

My family has been in the transportation industry for over 50 years, that being said, I was inspired and supported by my Uncle Shri. Sunil K. Jalan & my Father Shri. Punith K. Jalan after which I decided to start my career in the logistics industry becoming a 3rd Generation transportation solution provider. After working closely with our associate company, I ventured out on my own, using old-school business principles inculcated in me at a young age with a mix of new generation technology bringing a dynamic mix to the transportation industry of India. 

What were the main stages in Prospera Transpora’s development over the last 20 years?

Prospera was started by me in late 2016 and established in January 2017, however our associate company see’s its roots going back to 1959, in Mangalore.

How big is Prospera Transpora now?

Prospera is growing at a steady pace, we’ve grown exponentially in the last year, and have plans to expand further in the years to come. Our motto of never refusing to provide service to a customer has allowed us to penetrate an otherwise crowded market space and grow significantly.

You serve clients in a wide variety of industry sectors. In which sectors is adoption of your solutions growing fastest?

We’re seeing immense growth in the Cold Chain sector that we cater to as well as the Chemicals sector, our tailor-make approach to the aforementioned sectors is in all essence fuelling our customers supply chain and enhancing their efficiency. 

Can you tell us about your Cold Chain Transport operation?

Our focus on cold-chain is to be a one-stop transportation service provider by having a dynamic fleet that can cater to all of the customers transportation needs. We are doing that by having specialised vehicles to cater to a customers primary, secondary & last-mile transportation needs, all our vehicles have integrated temperature control from 18MT capacity all the way down to 1MT capacity, we at Prospera have it all.

Which are your most important other markets?

Apart from Cold-chain we also specialize in transportation of chemicals & petroleum products which are equally important and essential to our supply chain.

How have your solutions developed to reflect the quality services at economical rates especially in cold chain transportation solutions?

We strongly believe in owning our own vehicles which gives us control over its maintenance, that being said, we invest heavily in IT to ensure that the vehicle is not only tracked 24/7 but we also have access to other crucial aspects of every trip, such as, door monitoring, fuel monitoring, vehicle diagnostics & vehicle surveillance. Our unique system generates over 50 reports on demand. We also have a transparent monitoring policy, wherein real-time access is given to all our customers to monitor their respective shipments in transit. 

You have a very broad customer base. To what extent can your solutions be tailored to meet different organizations’ needs?

Since our fleet is extremely dynamic in terms of payloads & body-type we have a lot of room to tailor-make solutions for all of our customers. We are not bound by borders, and hence have a reach across India, most importantly we are always open to learning and exploring new avenues and take into consideration our customers suggestions which further allows us adapt and allocate services to meet our customers needs. 

Can you name any existing Prospera Transpora’s customers and tell us about what you do for them?

We cater to large perishable food manufacturers transporting their products PAN India. As mentioned earlier, we have a dynamic fleet of vehicles to cater to all their transportation needs, i.e primary, secondary and last mile distribution of their products making us an end-to-end transportation service provider.

Could you share your views on Cold Chain Transportation industry for our magazine & website readers?

With companies and the government both investing heavily into the cold-chain industry, as well as the growing awareness amongst customers with regard to the importance of quality and temperature controlled transportation, the industry in the coming 5-10 years is going to grow significantly. As younger generations enter into business, they are too understanding the importance of temperature controlled transportation hence boosting the industry further. According to a recent study, India’s current requirement for refrigerated transportation is nearly of 90,000 vehicles in total, and our current supply is only of approximately 25,000. The gap is massive and as the nation grows as a whole, so will this requirement. We at Prospera are very positive, and are looking forward to being a part of this growth. 

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