In conversation with Mr. Hardik Sanghvi, Partner, Idealin Fogging Systems


What are your core products and services: what are you best known for providing?

Industrial Humidifiers, Digital Humidity Control Systems, Fogging Systems and related accessories

How much are you involved in seeing that the company achieves the best possible standards of Customer Relationship Management?

90% involvement

Which industry sectors are your customers in? Can you name some of your major customers and tell us about the work you do for them?

We cater to applications in Cold Storages, Cold Rooms, Ripening Chambers, Textiles, Mushroom Cultivation, Laboratories, R&D, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Cements etc.


We offer all our clients customized solutions to meet their requirements. We first analyse their requirements and then suggest, supply and install the most appropriate products, thus solving their humidification needs.

What makes you the first choice supplier in your area of expertise?

We are dedicated to our field of work since last 16 years.

We continuously innovate while learning from our customers.

We export to > 25 countries and produce the most stable products that last for years and years of service. Our products are value driven and often repeatedly ordered. We have the largest number of “client testimonials” in our field. Our prompt communication and prompt after-sales-service is envied by all our competitors.

Could you explain the work of your humidifiers for Cold Storage purpose and how it can benefit for Cold Chain Industry Users?

We produce humidifiers on both “Centrifugal” and “Ultrasonic” technology. After analyzing the clients requirements, we suggest the appropriate model and installation location. Most of our products are shipped in “ready-to-use” condition. Basically, they are plug-and-play devices. Once installed, our humidifiers continuously work to increase the humidity inside the clients room/chamber. The humidifier(s) is/are connected to a humidity control system which continuously monitors and displays the RH inside the room. The user can set/control the RH easily using the control module. Once RH is set on the controller, the controller switches OFF the humidifiers once the RH is attained and restart them once the RH falls. Thus RH is automatically maintained. We offer a host of value added accessories which can further help the user automate the entire process and reduce maintenance/stress.

Looking at the overall operation, how is Idealin Fogging Systems as a whole doing in India?

“Idealin Fogging Systems” is at the peak in its venture since no other firm is so committed, motivated and interested to work in the spot humidifiers industry as we are. We are destined to be the best and we have resolved to keep improvising. We are abreast with the ever changing needs of our customers. We are constantly motivated by the consistent positive response we get from both, our suppliers and our customers.

Do you also export?

Yes, > 25 countries.

How quickly can you supply access products to Indian customers?

Strictly within a week or earlier if required.

Any plans to promote at trade shows?

We already do promote at trade shows. ICCS and ACREX is one of our regular outings in the cold store segment. We also participate in other shows in other industries.

Finally, Where do you see your company going from here in terms of growth & product development?

Only one way – to the TOP !!

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