In conversation with Mr. Kuldip Rana, Tech. Director, Rana Machines India Pvt. Ltd.

October 21, 2017

What kind of Refrigeration System do you offer?—Ammonia / Freon & Ammonia with Glycol?

RMIPL is  providing  vapor compression based refrigeration system we are providing single stage  & Double stage refrigeration system in Ammonia. We are providing a proplelyene Glycol based refrigeration system also.

In a crowded cold storage solutions provider, why choose Rana Machines India as cold store solution provider?

Till  now RMIPL  has installed more than 39 projects and all are  running successfully. Our highly qualified experienceteam always work to  designsystem as per the costumer and market  requirement . The cost effective system is design to achieve high energy efficiency, low  maintenance with latest technology so that costumer can make high profit then other .The 24×7 dedicated Separate service team for our coustmer.

Which industry sectors do you offer your solutions?

We are offering our solutions for the Fruit and vegetable processing units, cold storages, Beverages section ,Pharmaceuticals, Dairy.

Can you name some of your clients?

Mother dairy fruit and vegetable pvt ltd., Patanjali , PepsiCo , Pal frozen Foods , Welga Foods etc.

What proportion of your ongoing business is Cold Stores? Do you have a dedicated team covering Cold Stores?

More thatn 40 per cent yes we had dedicated separate design ,erection  and service team to deal with cold storages.

Cold Stores characteristically have high ceilings, large spaces and high electricity and maintenance cost. What do you see as the most important factors for clients to consider when specifying cold storage solutions?

The most important factor is the running cost( high electricity)  and the maintenance because it directly impact on your profit and on your pay back time. So we always provide solution with high energy saving and low maintenance.

To maintain the Quality System, what are the initiatives RMIPL is putting?

We always take latest quality certification and strictly follow their system  for our product  quality . our experts are monitoring the plants performance and discuss with the other higher  refrigeration consultant  and  always work  how we can improve.

What are your plans for taking the company forward as you grow?

We are now totally focusing on fruit and vegetable and marine market . To become single company to provide complete turnkey solution for either its processing or preservation.

Final question: where do you see the business in five years’ time?

I see my business growing with outlets all over the world. We are already shaking things up by simply offering and obtaining new technology. The chances are that the only thing you can say with any certainty is that you intend to be around fighting to succeed in whatever business climate exists. How you get from here to there in good shape is anybody’s guess


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