The Refrigeration System: Core of Cold Storage

Generally, cold storage is cooled by refrigerator, using the liquid with low gasification temperature as refrigerant, making it evaporate under the condition of low pressure and mechanical control and absorb the heat in the cold storage, finally to achieve the purpose of cooling.

The most commonly used is the compressor refrigerator, mainly made up of compressor, condenser, throttle valve and evaporator, and so on.

It can be divided into direct cooling and indirect cooling according to the way of evaporation tube device. The direct cooling installs the evaporator in the cold storage, whereas indirect cooling uses blower to suck the air in the cold storage into the air cooling device. The advantage of the air cooling is cooling rapidly, uniform temperature etc.

We know that installation process of cold storage involves the external machine, internal machine, expansion valve, electronic control box, copper pipe links and the heat preservation of library body and so on.

Then what are the factors that affect the installation quality of cold storage?

The refrigeration system is the core of cold storage. Refrigeration system mainly consists of four parts: compressor, condenser, evaporator and throttle valve, and other auxiliary parts, such as fan, catheter, instrument.

Usually, small cold storages adopt hermetic compressor as its power is small and the price is relatively cheap, whereas medium or large cold storages generally use semi-hermetic compressor. In the selection of the evaporator, high temperature cold storage often select evaporator which is characterized by rapid cooling rate, but it is easy to cause the water loss of cold storage.

On the other hand, the selection of heat insulating material is also very important. The selection of heat insulating material of cold storage must be adapted to local conditions, not only has the good heat insulation performance, but also be economical and practical. Heat insulating material plate has polyurethane also called PU and polystyrene.

PU has the features of no water absorption and good heat insulation, but the cost is a little high. However, the polystyrene has high water absorption and poor thermal insulation, but the price is lower.

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