In a conversation with Mr. Aymeric Brard, VP of Sales, DataLong16

July 25, 2017

The initial market of DataLong16 is consolidated in Spain and Europe. The new strategy is to leverage the global needs in the logistics sector and lead DataLong16 to a rapid process of internationalization of the company.

Which types of device do you specialize in and which industry sectors do you work?

We design and manufacture a small, autonomous and compact datalogger with real time internet connectivity and GPS position-enhancer. It provides high quality sensors that measure temperature, humidity, pressure and a powerful 3D orientation sensor and impact detector. All data is stored in the memory and transmitted through the internet, resulting in a datalogger connected in real time and accessible through a browser. 

Where about in the Spain are you based? Could you please explain your new projects designed to reinforce its global growth strategy?

We are based in Vilanova I la Geltru, south of Barcelona. Our sales strategy is focused on 3 sectors: Transport & Logistics, Pharma and Food & Beverage. In the 3 sectors, there are needs linked with the cold chain.

At the moment, main activities are in Europe, through direct sales or using indirect channel. In 2018, we will accelerate our international growth by developing partnerships in LATAM and ASIA. USA is a potential market as well can comes end of 2017.

Can you tell us about some of your clients and the work you do for them?

Our customers are for example Transport & Logistics companies responsible for transporting pharmaceutical products or fresh food. In this case they need to install our solutions into their trucks, containers or other methods of transportation. We help them comply with industry regulations, offer a new service to their customers or for example run an internal audit. Then the pharmaceutical or food organizations can decide to use our solution just to track one parcel, for example, human organs or fish. In this case, the main purpose is most of the time to ensure that the cold chain has not been broken and avoid any impact on the end consumer… us!

What’s been your biggest project to date?

Our solution has originally been developed for the cold chain industry but our biggest project so far is in the gas sector. We have developed a datalogger with a gas level sensor to control location and the gas level of a tank container. Essentially, we are capable of developing a solution tailored to our customers which then lays foundation to the scaling of our product ranges.

Will you be exhibiting at any trade shows?

We are delighted to announce that we will participate at the Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference in London, January 2018, as an event sponsor. We look forward to seeing you there!

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