April 2017

X2 CEO Richard Overton commented on this shipment saying “It makes me proud to see such advancement in the X2 Eco-System. Energy and passion and has been implemented to push the growth and development of business between all members of X2 and deliver better results for all involved.”

QualitAir&Sea Chartered a B777-200F to move 40 Tons of frozen Peaches from China to Mexico-

X2 member QualitAir&Sea recently chartered a B777-200F cargo aircraft to move 40 tons of frozen peaches from China to Mexico over a rough distance of 7,982 miles. The “Triple Seven” Aircraft is the world’s largest twinjet and has a range of 5,240 to 8,555 nautical miles.

The reason for the move was that the peaches are used as ingredients to make some delicious Ice tea in Mexico. A very interesting part of this move was that the peaches were transported using Envirotainers which were filled with dry Ice until they reached the final destination. Envirotainers are temperature controlled containers that are used to transport pharmaceuticals and other perishables.  The only time the dry ice was re-arranged was during a technical stop at Dubai.  This was one of the longest charter routes operated with such perishable cargo.

QualitAir&Sea have been proud members of X2 Logistics Networks since June 2015. They are members of 2 specialty networks namely X2 Elite & X2 Critical. The logistics experts at QualitAir&Sea provide a wide range of Logistical solutions from Aeronautical-AOG to Pharma-Log.

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