In a conversation with Mr. Siva SivaKumar, Co-founder, CEO & CTO, Nimble Wireless, Inc.

“In India, more than 30% of consumer goods are wasted because of poor temperature storage. Our government needs to bring strong compliance norms for food safety and stringent rules if not implemented”

You serve clients in a wide variety of industry sectors. In which sectors is adoption of your solutions growing fastest?

We serve clients across various cold chain storage and logistics verticals – Meat and Dairy products storage, logistics, FMCG sector, Pharma logistics. But we have recently seen a trend of demand from Medical and Diagnostics storage and transportation 

Can you tell us about your US operation?

We are a US based company with operation in India. We have strong presence in the US asset monitoring market.

Which are your most important other markets?

Middle East and EU have been focus on 2017 largely for Medical and Diagnostics storage and transportation. 

What products do you offer here in India, of particular interest to cold chain and supply chain professionals?

Our products are used remotely monitoring business assets parameter such as temperature, humidity and location. With recent government norms to comply with storage and logistics guidelines. Our product ensures the product quality by making sure temperature sensitive goods are stored and maintained at their corresponding temperature. Eg. Vaccines a slight degree of variation in storage temperature and cost life’s.

Reefer Truck monitoring and pharmaceutical monitoring solutions is of particular interest to CCM readers. Can you talk us through these product range?

Our products are the only IoT devices available globally that integrated 12 sensors in the smallest foot print and our battery operated. Other products in the market has wires, cables and cost a lot for after sale maintenance. Our products are truly wireless can be connected just used as a standalone device for monitoring. Our applications are top notch, simple and intuitive.

How have your solutions developed to reflect the increasing use of tracking and monitoring devices?

We have considerably reduced the foot print of the devices and added more and more sensors as the product evolved. The market want simple devices with no or minimal installation. So, we have simple peel, stick and monitor devices which requires zero installation so customers can start monitoring the assets from Day 0.

How our readers can differentiate Nimble Temperature monitoring devices compare to other devices in market?

We are a truly wireless solution. Our devices are standalone with 12 built in sensors in the smallest foot print – The size of handheld mobile calculator. That clearly differentiates from what our competitors offer. And our software its simple not comparable it was a word class UI with simple and easy interface to monitor assets.

You also offer something called N5 Asset Monitor. What does that do?

The N5 is 5th generation product. As mentioned this is world’s smallest IoT device with over 12 built in sensors.

You have a very broad customer base. To what extent can your solutions be tailored to meet different organisations’ needs?

Yes, we were doing custom solution based on user request. But we are refraining from doing that and focusing on product evolution rather individual customization. We still do customization for our clients if it aligns with our product goals and brings in numbers.

Can you give some examples of how different customers use your technology to plan their journeys better?

Well, most customers use it for monitoring temperature sensitive goods. A large finance company uses our devices to track leased construction equipment’s. A food delivery startup uses our product to ensure food is served hot at the time of delivery. A large diagnostics company uses devices to monitor blood samples collected from its customers

There is also a new consumer market for Pet Temperature Monitoring – People in the US are using our devices for monitoring pet’s environment temperature when leaving them in car or RV. This market was a surprise for us and we sold over 1000 devices in less than 3 months.

Could you please share your views on Cold Chain Sector for our readers?

The sector is growing but people still needs to be educated about food safety and waste management. In India, more than 30% of consumer goods are wasted because of poor temperature storage. Our government needs to bring strong compliance norms for food safety and stringent rules if not implemented.

Finally, where do you see Nimble Wireless (Pvt.) Ltd. going from here?

We see a huge growth in Pharma and Medical asset monitoring across the globe and we have expanded our horizon further and with the years to come Nimble would become a market leader in IoT Asset Monitoring solutions.

About Mr. Siva SivaKumar

Siva has over 22 years of extensive business and technology leadership experience in the wireless Industry. Currently he is CEO of Nimble Wireless, a leading M2M/IOT solutions company he co-founded in 2006. As CEO of Nimble wireless, Siva is responsible for Nimble’s strategy, technology and execution.

Nimble Wireless provides innovative M2M/IOT solutions targeted towards the Logistics, Cold Chain and Energy Industries. Before co-founding Nimble Wireless, Siva held various management and engineering roles at Qualcomm Incorporated and Kyocera Wireless Corporation (Formerly Qualcomm handset business unit), USA. Some of the world’s leading mobile phones spanning multiple generations of CDMA technology were delivered under his leadership. Early in his career, Siva was part of the development team that created the industry’s first PDA Smartphone as early as 2001. Siva also has rich experience in setting up global design & development centres for wireless product development.  

Siva is an active member of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), an organization focused on fostering entrepreneurship, and spends his spare time in helping with its activities. Siva holds a MSEE degree from University of California, San Diego, USA with specialization in Communication Theory & Systems and BSEE from Coimbatore Inst. of Technology, India.

He can be reached at

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