5 key things to consider before building cold storage

1. Size of the storage and space

Once choose the size of cold storage to match with raw materials to be stored, space for cold storage should be compatible. There should be enough spare space for installation, loading products or raw materials including easy access for delivery trucks.

2. Temperature and raw material

Raw material stored should be well planned and organised in specific location inside cold storage in order to aid access, store, and transfer. Moreover, quantity of products stored also affects the room temperature. Once need to store large amount of products, the cold storage should also reflects its size.

3. Ventilation

In storing raw materials for long period of time and constantly has new products to be stored and removed, it may contain unknown substances or causing unpleasant smell. Therefore, cold storage should have an effective ventilation system in order to maintain temperature and quality of products.

4. Electricity

Cold storage uses 380v electricity or 3 phases electricity. However, if using regular household electricity of 200v, it must be assured that electricity is constantly delivered at all times with no short circuits. Also, the location of the cold storage is not at the end of electricity line because if lack of electricity power, other electronic appliances in the same area will be affected and may shorten its lifetime.

5. Maintenance

Maintenance should be at least once a month in order to examine capability of cold storage, find breakage or damage by certified engineered only.

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