Maintenance tips for Refrigerated Trucks

Here are some maintenance tips to help pro-long the life of your refrigerated box truck:

  • During loading & unloading, don’t keep the refrigeration unit running. Shut it down while the box truck doors are open to avoid drawing in warm, humid air. Warm air can condense and freeze on the evaporator coil, which would disrupt airflow and send the unit into frequent defrost modes. Shutting it off will also reduce fuel consumption.
  • Prior to every trip, you ought to mainly review the fresh air and temperature settings, check coolant and oil levels, evaluate the drains, assess the locks and seal on the door, evaluate the drains and visually assess the ‘skin’ or walls of the insulated space for cracks.
  • Get regular inspections of your refrigerated box truck from someone qualified. Professional mechanics can see the small issues that could become critical ones, and catching these quick will help pro-long the life of your truck and the refrigerated unit.
  • Skilled refrigerated van operators understand that keeping a close ear and eye out for any vehicle changes is the best line of defense against any breakdowns. Within routine use of the refrigerated van, take note of any deviations or changes from its standard performance. If your refrigeration unit takes a little longer than normal to cool down, if it’s making odd sounds or if you see any other weird behaviors, make certain that you to schedule a trip to the mechanic as soon as you can.

One thought on “Maintenance tips for Refrigerated Trucks

  1. You were right that catching small issues before they get worse will help prolong the life of the truck. This is probably why the owner is looking for a reliable mechanic as early as now. The business is expanding, and they’re getting utility trucks soon. I can see safety and efficiency matter to them.


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