Cold Chain Monitoring – A Challenge

Cold Chain Monitoring – A Challenge
OH YES !!!
This is the inner voice that will come as soon as you read the above heading. Though, we all agree on this but are we doing enough to have addressed it.

Many of us says yes coz many are maintaining cold chain since quite a few years, 5,10, 15, 20….so on. In this period, all of us have situation where we failed – in terms of not maintaining proper cold chain.

Many of times, it was observed that everything was well – the equipment’s were working ok, data showed correct values, personnel were doing their job efficiently, etc…etc… and then also, when the end user received the package the product goes bad or some items from that batch to a particular user goes bad.

Reason Obvious – That end user might have not stored or handled it properly. Second reason, could be the guy or CFA did not handled it properly.

Now, how do I control the third person or party and when I delivered him, everything was OK from my side and if the problem occurred then it is not due to me and that person has to be blamed. Yeah, you are correct and nobody will hold you for that.

But in this whole scene, are you missing an important point – Whose company, brand and / or product is at stake, I heard –Me. Sad but true that you will are being held responsible for no act of yours.

Consider, another situation where a layman – who is illiterate, buys your product as prescribed by doctor. Later on, administering to himself or child, founds that product did not work or sometimes more serious – product had adverse reaction (not to mention five lettered word, it can cause —–).

If any of the above occurs, then it would the only one who would be blamed – the company, personnel & person managing cold chain and above all, everyone involved is at risk.

Now, get out of whole this scene. Just think, are you the only one facing this challenge, the answer is NO thus it means everyone in the world is facing it. So, if everyone in world has this challenge, there must be some solution to it and your job is to only find that – Available solution.

The solution is to have small devices that will be close enough to the product and will give some indication to the user or carrier, of whether the product has been maintained in cold chain.

Yeah now, your brain is starting to link this to similar kind of solution that you have seen or heard of or is being used – VVM labels.

The fact that VVM labels are for specific vaccines and can’t be extrapolated to everything but there would be some products that would do the job – Time & Temperature monitoring labels.

The only issue with this product, it has been used worldwide but not in India and people don’t feel necessary to use it.

Yes, the common answers –
• I haven’t faced this problem;
• My cold chain is good enough and the writer is talking of someone else;
• Ok, not now but I need to have this product in future;
• If govt. is not recommending then why this guy ….again etc…etc…

I am leaving it up to you, be proactive before the problem arrives or be reactive, choice is yours…

Author – Hemant Meshram

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