Criteria to be considered for Data Loggers selection

Pharmaceutical products such as Vaccine, Biologics, Drugs and other products require cold chain supply and one of the common temperature range is 2 to 8 deg. cel. To maintain the cold chain is tough job but it is even tougher to ensure cold chain has been maintained and for the same, one is dependent on electronic temperature monitoring data loggers.

Data Loggers have become an indispensable tool for Pharma companies to monitor cold chain and facilitating supply chain’s professional job – A True Companion. There are many data loggers available in market with new one coming each day and in today’s world very easily accessible. But as always, searching the True Companion is a toughest task.

To find that Perfect tool or True companion, we follow many methods some of them as below:

  1. Asking our friend / colleague in the industry
  2. Searching Internet
  3. Cold call
  4. Put up enquiry

You may select any one or combination of the above. Now, Law of nature plays the role – each tool has Pros & Cons. We all know Pros but we just want to take your attention to some Cons

Asking a Friend / Colleague –

  1. A product suggested is the one that is being used thus one is devoid of other good & new options in market
  2. Basic requirements would be similar but each individual / company has different needs

Searching Internet

  1. Huge data available – Confusing – searching a needle in huge stack
  2. Companies do SEO / Promotion – so only top list is seen

Cold Call

  1. Unknown company / person
  2. Selling company – Devil’s advocate

Putting up Enquiry

  1. Quite a few times, enquiry reaches to right company and it reaches to one who pays for it
  2. Numerous sites

Whatever method you choose one thing for sure is you will have to do – “Analyse various options available in market by yourself”. Thus in order to make your data logger selection job easy, We hereby put some of the key points that will help you to choose good data logger.

All the criteria or points to be considered for Data Loggers selection can be classified as under:

  1. Regulatory Compliance
  2. Efficiency
  3. Durability
  4. Usability
  5. Usage Cost

To further make job easy, each criterion has been classified on basis of Importance. Wait a Minute; it is not importance of a parameter / feature over others rather it indicates – “Importance of each parameter over wide range of Data Logger”.

One important point to note – Nearly all the data loggers in market has to comply with this otherwise it won’t sell. But in the whole process company makes our job easy while selecting Data loggers we don’t need to concentrate on this one, please note – only while selection of data logger from options available. Thus, all the parameters on which nearly all the data loggers comply or have similar feature would be considered as low importance.

Also, as a marketing trick company projects this feature and roll other crucial points under it.

High importance will be one that is only available in selected few or that is crucial – while selection of data logger from the range.

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