Solar Power- The Future

By Mr. Shehab Ujjainwala, Director, Evesol

Did you know that the amount of power generated by the sun in one minute is enough to meet the energy requirements of the planet for an entire year. Imagine the amount of power it generates in just a fraction of time. Solar power is not only reliable but also lasts long.

It’s one of the most cost effective and efficient energy sources know to man.

Decades of research, hard work and development has gone into continuously improving  methods to harness this unlimited energy source. 

There have been 7 different types of development in solar panels which are interesting to know about. 

1. Monocrystaline Solar Panels (Mono-SI)
2. Polycrystaline Solar Panels (Poly- SI)
3. Thin Flim Solar Cells (TFSC)
4. Amorphous Silicon solar cell (A -SI)
5. BioHybrid Solar Cell ( Still under research)
6. Cadmium Telluide Solar Cell (CdTe) ( 
7.  Concentrated PV Cell (CVP & HCVP)

New technologies in solar panels are constantly being updated.
The most common being the Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solarpanels. Amongst them Polycrystalline solar panels are the most widely used and economically accepted ones. They are cheap and easily scalable in terms of production and are also available around the world. 

Solar panels are the most important component of the solar energy system. Thus, we at Evesol are constantly learning about the new technologies in its field of renewable engineering to provide excellent systems and service to our customers.

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