In conversation with Mr. Knut Nygaar, CEO, TAG Sensors

How do I start, read and stop the TAG™ temperature logger? You can use TAG Print to print and start the TAG™. You can also use TAG Read RFID reader or the TAG Tap application on your smartphone to start, read and stop the TAG

What is the memory capacity? The maximum number of temperature log points is 4800. If you choose to log temperatures every 15 minutes, the maximum capacity will be reached after 50 days, and then the TAG™ will stop logging temperatures. It will not overwrite its memory.

What is the temperature accuracy? The measured temperatures have an accuracy of ±0.5˚C.

What is the estimated battery lifetime? The battery has 18 months lifetime from production when stored in stock. The TAG™ will use its battery when its actively logging temperatures, and lifetime then depends on both logging intervals and the environment of measuring.

Is the battery safe to be used in airfright? Yes, our printed battery is not a lithium-ion battery, but is made from zinc metal and manganese dioxide, and is allowed in airfright.

Do I have to stick the TAG™ on the outside of my package? No, you decide where to stick the TAG™. It will log the ambient temperatures of where it is placed. It can be read through styrofoam fish box and through two layers of cardboard.

What is the temperature logging interval? The logging interval can be set from every minute up to every 18 hours. The most frequently used logging interval is every 15 minutes.

How do I get my logo and information on the TAG™? You can order pre-printed temperature loggers or customize the surface print yourself with TAG Print. With your smartphone you decide when the temperature logging is started, or if you have TAG Print at your facility, you can even use the printer to start the TAG™.

What happens if the temperature limits are exceeded? A report will be generated automatically from TAG Portal, and the temperature report will be sent by email to notify you that the limits are exceeded.

Can everyone read my TAG™? During configuration we set the security level you prefer. You can decide that everyone should be able to read your TAG™ with the TAG Tap application, or whether they have to login before reading. We also set which information is displayed on the screen when a user reads your TAG™, such as 1: Temperature graph, 2: “Thank you for reading – limits are exceeded”, or 3: “Thank you for reading”.

How is the temperature data uploaded to TAG Portal? The temperature data is uploaded automatically to TAG Portal when you read a TAG™ using your smartphone, an RFID reader or a gate reader. The data is always uploaded before the temperature graph is displayed on the device screen, hence it’s not possible to manipulate the results.

What is the minimum quantity I can order? The minimum order quantity is 500 TAG™ temperature loggers.

Can you link the TAG™ to a specific package? Yes, you can assign custom fields like pallet ID, order number, AWB-number, or even scan existing barcodes, to the TAG™. In the event of damaged goods, you can document it with a photo which is uploaded to TAG Portal and added to the report.

Where is the TAG™ manufactured? The TAG™ is manufactured in the TAG Sensors facilities in Norway, which has a production capacity of 33 million units per year.

Can I read the TAG™ temperature logger without a network? Yes, the TAG Tap application collects the temperature data and geo-location, and the data will be uploaded to TAG Portal when the the network reconnects.

Can the TAG™ be reused? The TAG™ is for is for single use only, and it’s recycled as common waste (WEEE)

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