Agile Cold Storage Launched by Industry Veterans in Partnership with AIMPERA Capital Partners and Continental Grain Company

ATLANTA–Feb. 4, 2020 | AIMPERA Capital Partners, LLC (“AIMPERA”) and Continental Grain Company (“CGC”), in partnership with industry veteran Don Schoenl, are excited to announce the launch of Agile Cold Storage LLC (“Agile” or the “Company”). Working in partnership with North American food manufacturers, processers and growers, Agile will develop a nationwide network of greenfield automated and conventional temperature-controlled warehouses. Agile was formed to increase efficiency and deliver industry-leading customer service to address unmet needs in the cold chain.

Agile’s state-of-the-art automation solutions enable its customers to stay ahead of the evolving challenges of the cold chain, including risks to food safety; increasing costs of labor, energy and transportation; smaller and more frequent orders; as well as the increasing importance of e-commerce and sustainability. With automation, Agile eliminates repetitive processes in the harshest operating environments, where traditional operators face the greatest safety risks, employee turnover and product loss. This results in more safe, reliable, and flexible operations, enabling Agile to provide consistent service and deliver sustainable cost savings to its customers.

Agile’s experienced team is led by Don Schoenl, a 25-year cold chain industry veteran and former chairman of the World Food Logistics Organization. Agile’s seasoned team brings almost 200 years of combined experience in the refrigerated warehouse industry and includes experts from the leading temperature-controlled warehousing companies in the world. In previous positions, the team oversaw the development of over 500,000 new temperature-controlled pallet positions, including over 200,000 fully automated pallet positions.

“We formed Agile because there is such a need for more flexible, dependable, consistent, high-quality service partners in the cold storage industry. By combining a family business approach of ‘how can we help’ with the most modern systems and warehouse automation, we can provide our partners with consistently great service at the best prices,” said Don Schoenl, CEO.

Burnie Taylor, Agile’s COO, Automated Facilities, added, “We bring our customers proven technology and flexible solutions to assist them in solving their supply chain challenges. Our team members have designed, built and run automated cold storage facilities, including the largest automated facility in North America. We’re delighted to come together to do it on a nationwide scale.”

“Today’s cold storage infrastructure fails to meet customers’ needs, as we experience in our operating businesses every day. Don and AIMPERA are strong partners who share our values and a strategic vision to advance the temperature-controlled warehousing industry. We look forward to bringing our capabilities, food industry experience and network to deliver novel supply chain solutions to Agile’s customers,” said Ari Gendason, CGC’s Chief Investment Officer.

Matt Carbone, AIMPERA Managing Partner, added “Members of AIMPERA’s team previously partnered with Don to build Nordic Cold Storage LLC into a leading, North American temperature-controlled warehousing provider with industry-leading service. We are excited to be partnering with Don to further enhance the best-in-class service his team provided. Together with CGC, we are committed to deploying capital to develop state-of-the-art automated facilities and an enduring business built on long-term partnerships with its valued customers.”

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