A new standard for Cold Chain Management Globally

25 February 2020 – TAG Sensors, a Norwegian company providing a complete cold chain control solution, opens on February 25 their unique production facility in Mo i Rana.

Knut Nygård, CEO, TAG Sensors: This is a unique production line of which there is no equivalent in the world, as it’s specially developed for TAG Sensors. It’s fully automated and has a capacity of more than 30 million temperature loggers annually.

TAG Sensors aims to become the global standard for cold chain integrity measurements and analysis, thus contributing to identification and reduction of product waste in the food and pharmaceutical industries within a few years. Opening the factory in Mo i Rana is the first big step towards achieving this goal.

Three international investment funds, Innovation Norway and the EU, have made this investment possible.

When the EU awarded TAG Sensors € 1.4 million in Horizon 2020 funding, the jury made the following statement:

The idea will introduce a new standard for cold chain management globally. The existing solutions on the market have stayed the same for two decades and this technology introduces a new holistic solution at a vastly reduced price point compared to existing solutions.

With the new production facility, The company will have full control over their product quality, faster response time, and greater flexibility for tailoring to their customers’ needs. By manufacturing the temperature loggers themselves, the company will strengthen both the expertise and the infrastructure to further development of their products and solutions.

Headquartered in Mo i Rana, TAG Sensors has established sales offices in Singapore and New York. The company has acquired more than 20 competent employees to ensure strong progress and product development, and the company is growing strongly. TAG Sensors is currently expanding with sales staff and distributors globally.

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