In conversation with Kshitij Patel, Managing Director, Amar Cold Storage

Specializing in developing, growing and processing all fruits and vegetables, milk products, at blast freezing, food and many more.

Amar Cold Storage, established in the year 1981 & headed by
Mr. Surendra Patel
, the stalwart with more than two decades of experience in frozen food industry, situated at LAMBVEL, ANAND (GUJARAT, INDIA).

Under the guidance of Mr. Surendra Patel, The company has been able to survive in this competitive market. His leadership quality, excellent skills and ethical business strategies have enabled them to set new benchmarks in the industry. See also the conversation with Payounidhi Tamotia, President-Sales Marketing at Kingspan Jindal Pvt. Ltd.

Kshitij Patel, MD, Amar Cold Storage

During Interaction with ColdChainManagement Team, Kshitij Patel describes that They are taking precautions covid 19 as well as seeing the good opportunities with growing their business especially in Dairy Industry (F&B) and also fullfilling their Temperature requirements and said-their main strategy for succeeding in the current climate is to be constant and Keep improving their quality & services.

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