In conversation with Payounidhi Tamotia, President-Sales Marketing at Kingspan Jindal Pvt. Ltd.

Payounidhi Tamotia

The Indian market is on the cusp of a revolutionary change with the expansion of middle class and affluence coming into the middle classes. The increase in demand for fresh produce, meat and perishable packaged foods is leading to significant growth in this sector, which is increasingly relying on sustainable cold chain network.

What are your best-known products/services/solutions?

Kingspan was founded in 1965 in Ireland. Today, Kingspan is a global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelope solutions having global Kingspan Group headquartered in Ireland. Kingspan globally has 15000 plus employees having 156 manufacturing sites and having presence in 70 countries worldwide.

Kingspan is committed to enabling a net zero emissions future and is own as leading manufacturer of PUR / PIR / Mineral Wool Insulated panels, Access Floors, Architectural roofing system, Architectural façade system, Clean Room, Cold Storage system, Air & Daylight systems, Protection systems. See also the conversation with Justin Weare, North America marketing manager for Polyurethane Additives at Dow

Which industry sectors are your customers in and which ones are growing fastest?

The Kingspan Insulated panels can be used in almost all segments like Cold Storages, Controlled atmosphere solutions, PEB building, Pre Fab Construction, Poultry & Hatcheries, Slaughter houses, Defence, Schools, Hospitality, Pharma, Clean Room application, Hospitals, Fisheries, Marine, Shelters, Site offices, Commercial Buildings, warehousing, Industries, Sheds, Airports, Metro, Railway Stations, Refrigerated vans, and many more applications.

Few of the segments, which are gaining demand is PEB structure buildings, Airports in the country being build, Metro stations,  Defence, Hospitals in current epidemic situation of COVID.

The advantage of using these products is mainly energy saving, faster construction, dry construction, environment friendly, fire safe.  

What are your most recent product innovations?

It’s been Kingspan mantra for almost 50 years, Superior u-values + Air Tightness + Optimized lighting + Renewables creates low-energy, resilient building envelopes. Across our business, we are dedicated to innovation in product and building design to take our built landscape to the next level of energy-efficiency. Talk to us about incorporating Kingspan innovation into your buildings.

Kingspan Quadcore technology is Hybrid PIR Insulated panel, which has better thermal properties and is completely environment friendly and fire safe product.

Kingzip Infiniti is the latest addition to the successful and proven Kingzip standing seam cladding system, enabling the most complex and ambitious 3d forms to be created for statement buildings.

Our Kingspan Zero Energy Lighting (ZEL) solution combines the latest in polycarbonate rooflight products, LED lighting with smart dimming controls and photovoltaic technology to create a bespoke package that can eliminate lighting energy costs.

What are the major trends and developments affecting your category and your customers, and how are you responding?

Given in today’s scenario, wherein Energy being a major concern, Fire safety as important factor and the need of having more and more green buildings, faster completion period of projects, the customers have started understanding the importance of going from traditional methodology of construction to modern, advanced and effective method of constructing a building, which gives us an opportunity to contribute in large manner and Kingspan globally is committed to do so.

Any new technology takes time to accept and slowly the world is moving in right direction. While the world is pushing for new technology, it also builds forces companies like Kingspan to innovate and provide better solutions to building envelope.


How does business in 2020 compared to previous years? What’s your strategy for succeeding in the current climate?

We started the year 2020 with positive movement from the market, however by the time March ended, we were trapped with a virus called COVID 19 which has impacted the whole world economy.

We are trying our best to come out of the crisis and are committed to support our employees and their families. We have been trying to contribute in difficult times by providing solutions to hospitals, Cold storages, Covid Shelters….

Sustainability & Planet passionate are the key focus area of Kingspan Kingspan is committed to do so. For us planet passionate means……

Can you tell us about any recent customer contracts and how you helped the customer meet their challenges?

I think at Kingspan, we face challenges very day whether it is related to Controlled Temperature, Water & Air control, Energy Cost, Humidity control, Thermal performance, supporting our farmers, protecting our food & vegetables, meat & fish or providing human comfort,

our team is there to provide solutions to our customers and they are happy to interact with us as we do not sell products but believe in educating the customers with the best solution and guarantee them performance for life.

What’s the latest news from your company?

Kingspan is not only committed to provide best of the products but also contribute to environment and as a part of protect the planet initiative, Kingspan has made the World GBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, promising to reach Net Zero operating emissions in our portfolio by 2030, and to advocate for all buildings to be Net Zero in operation by 2050. We are also the key global partner for the World GBC’s Advancing Net Zero global project.

Can you tell us about any areas where you’re currently making technical advances?


Imagine if you could bring a new level of performance to buildings… that’s the challenge we set our innovation lab – to push the boundaries of what’s possible from an insulated panel core.

This scientific breakthrough has led to a completely new core material for our insulated panels that delivers the industry’s highest thermal performance, superior fire protection and enhanced environmental credentials. Technology decisions made today can impact the value of property tomorrow.

That’s why our building performance team will be there every step of the way, helping navigate the complexities of a changing legislative landscape and a competitive property market. Bringing our expertise in ‘whole building analysis’ to bear on maximising the return on building envelope investment. All backed by peace of mind and a unique 40 year thermal and structural guarantee that’s unrivalled among advanced building systems.

Could you please share your views on Cold Chain Sector for our magazine readers?

The Indian cold chain industry, once limited only to a few produce types till as late as the first decade of this century, is transforming from traditional quantity stores for stand-alone commodities to quality cold chain- hence integrating various missing links.

Thus, various business models utilizing cold chain logistic services at different stages have been recognized and well established on commercial lines.

Few, worth mentioning are bulk stores in the areas of concentrated centers of production, multi-commodity multi-chambers cold stores around areas of consumption, controlled and modified atmosphere cold stores, fruit ripening chambers, IQF and blast freezing, freeze stores etc.

More important is the trend towards complete refrigerated supply chain for the fresh and processed items like, milk and dairy, meat, confectionary and pharma, and of course, the fresh produce.

The Indian market is on the cusp of a revolutionary change with the expansion of middle class and affluence coming into the middle classes. The increase in demand for fresh produce, meat and perishable packaged foods is leading to significant growth in this sector, which is increasingly relying on sustainable cold chain network.

India is one of the largest producers of agricultural produce and has abundant supply base of different produce.

There is an increasing awareness that agri-logistics require to develop with a delivery bias, to link with demand across regions, and not merely as a buffer against local demand. Distance and time assumes importance as the disparity of prices also induces movement.

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