Keeping your Products safe in Cold Chain

By Vikram S. Puri, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Rotarian with multiple technology patents and 34+years of Supply Chain Experience

Vikram S Puri

Don’t you hate it when your ice-cream turns to milkshake by the time it arrives at your doorstep?

Well, Fleetview is here to spare you such disappointments.

Cold chain plays a vital role in the life-cycle of quite a few products that are time-temperature critical. These products often include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and perishable food items. Improper temperature control is one of the predominant causes of perishable cargo being wasted in the supply chain.

This means that as a cold chain fleet service, a certain assurance needs to be given for the usability of the product after the transport. The value of a reliable cold chain monitoring system is often underestimated. For a company to deliver products in ideal conditions and gain their clients’ trust, this is an obvious prerequisite.

Fleetview offers temperature monitoring solutions among other services. We offer a myriad of features that take the Cold chain to the next level.

  • Measure and transmit temperature
  • Capture temperature fluctuations
  • High/low-temperature alerts
  • Dashboards for detailed analysis
  • Door sensors for alerts
  • Monitoring in multiple chambers
  • Camera recording at door open

There is so much more information that needs to be tracked and analyzed than just temperature. Fleetview approaches cold chain from all these angles, a 360 degree approach to Fleet Management; some of which include: Fuel monitoring, Load monitoring, On-Board diagnostics, live tracking, and RFID/Biometrics.

Fleetview respects that you like your coffee hot and your ice-cream cold

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