Global trade never sleeps

MEET THE CARGO OPERATORS | Behind every container, there is a story. No one knows this better than the 24/7 cargo teams who are dedicated to around-the-clock vessel operations.

With global trade constantly on the move, it takes immense efforts behind the scenes to get cargo ready for transport. A large chunk of this work goes on in the 24/7 cargo teams in Maersk’s liner operations clusters (LOCs) at key ports around the world.

These teams are at the heart of container operations. They are deeply involved in issues that impact cargo-readiness – from Container Weight Problems to Reefer Unit Malfunctions, Missing custom papers or even a Documentation issue during booking.

Colleagues in these teams make sure every container is ready to be loaded. They often must take fast and crucial decisions to solve issues, which arise unexpectedly and beyond their control. For instance, if strong winds hit a terminal, operations might be suspended and a vessel will have to sail before loading is completed.

Colleagues together at the North Europe Liner Operations Cluster in Rotterdam.

Jason Way and Nolwenn Boully are colleagues at Maersk’s North Europe Liner Operations Center (NEU LOC) in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the largest port in Europe. They share their experience of working for the 24/7 Cargo Team.

Nolwenn Boully Cargo Operator – NEU LOC – 24/7 Cargo Team

Nolwenn is French and has been working with Maersk since 2016. She started in Customer Service in France where she stayed for a year before she saw the opportunity to join the Cargo Team in the Netherlands. After a year of working in what they call the “Daily Cargo Team”, Nolwenn decided to move on to work for the 24/7 team and she’s been part of it for about a year.

“One of the most interesting things is that every shift is different. You almost never encounter the same challenge twice because you’re working with so many different stakeholders.”, said Nolwenn Boully, Cargo Operator

Jason Way

Cargo Operator – NEU LOC – 24/7 Cargo Team

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Jason joined Maersk and the team in 2018 with no prior container shipping practice. Between his degree from a maritime university and his years of experience working on another 24/7 team in the oil and gas sector, Jason is no stranger to shipping operations. Alongside working full time, he is currently attending university again in Rotterdam for his MBA.

“Even though our days are usually structured, anything unexpected can still happen. That’s why our job is to try and be prepared before something does. The team is 24/7 and so is this business.”, said Jason Way, Cargo Operator

What’s the main role of the 24/7 team?

Jason: We like to keep in mind that behind every container there’s a customer. There are so many different departments involved which we need to work closely with to move boxes. Our days are structured, but our jobs require a combination of port and maritime knowledge. If there’s a 4,000-container load list, every unit has an impact on the customer’s business and Maersk. Therefore, we try to make sure we pre-check and let our colleagues know in advance if an issue needs to be resolved.

Nolwenn: In other words, we basically take care of every aspect of a container through its journey in Northern Europe.

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