ELPRO’s LIBERO ITS receives WHO PQS E006 status as a pre-qualified electronic shipping indicator for vaccines and NGOs

At a time when the world is watching and waiting for what is likely this century’s most anticipated vaccine, ELPRO is delighted to provide the vaccine community with a reliable, affordable electronic time and temperature indicator. The LIBERO ITS just received WHO PQS status E006 for Temperature Monitoring Devices.

The WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) program prequalifies products and devices so that member states and UN purchasing agencies are assured of their suitability for use in immunization programs. This prequalification of devices and equipment allows for quicker, reliable decision making when time may be limited for NGO’s to distribute needed vaccines.

LIBERO ITS is known to its customers as a cost-efficient solution that replaces the need for several different monitoring devices when shipping temperature sensitive medicinal products. Often, multiple temperature recorders are used including freeze indicators, USB data loggers, and other chemical or electronic indicators. LIBERO ITS replaces all of these with one device.

LIBERO ITS is still smart enough to record deviations, create reports and manage individual stability budgets. The free Smartphone app is a great convenience tool for any receiving site, clinic, or pharmacist. It provides one-touch stability budget read-out showing percentage of budget used; alleviating piecing together different Time out of Refrigeration (TOR) segments. The LIBERO ITS Smartphone app also allows the user to easily print or email the PDF report from app to communicate the release or status of product. Even more, the PDF can be archived in a cloud database, liberoMANAGER, still cataloguing the valuable data to support logistics trending.

Simon Kaufmann, Product Manager at ELPRO describes the need for this type of advanced indicator

“The LIBERO ITS offers end-to-end assurance for increasingly complex global supply chains, with several transit and storage points, and various handlers. It provides unbroken monitoring from point of manufacture, to time of use. It is an ideal solution for NGO’s that are pressured to find a low-cost, reliable solution”.

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