Conserve battery power in refrigerated environments

Extreme temperatures often make day-to-day work more difficult in the logistics sector. When storing and transporting fresh and frozen foods, it is essential that an uninterrupted cold chain is in place – something logistics providers have to contend with, particularly during the warm summer months. However, low ambient temperatures like those prevalent in refrigerated environments, also pose huge challenges for drive batteries and the operators of electric forklift trucks. In order to tackle this, Fronius Perfect Charging has developed a cold logistics option for its Selectiva battery charging system, which ensures that both the battery and the forklift truck work optimally even in very low temperatures.

Low temperatures drastically reduce the performance and service life of drive batteries. This means they usually do not have sufficient energy for a whole shift. At minus 15 degrees, for example, batteries only perform at around 60 percent of their usual capacity. To counteract this drop in performance, Fronius is now offering its own specially developed cold logistics option for its Selectiva 4.0 devices. The battery charging system with pre-set temperature sensors automatically selects the correct amount of energy to optimally charge the battery. This means batteries and forklift trucks are ready for use at all times without long waiting times.

High performance even at very low temperatures

Thanks to Fronius’ RI charging process, the Selectiva devices flexibly charge lead-acid batteries of different sizes, voltage and capacity, which facilitates assignment and reduces operating errors. Additional special features like the cold logistics option enable the reliable operation of forklift trucks even in difficult environments. Users thus benefit from high availability of their forklift truck fleet and can reduce their operating costs in the long term at the same time.

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