A revolutionary idea of cold chain solutions

“Maersk came to us with a revolutionary idea of cold chain solutions, which translates to door to door handling of our cargo to the consignee anywhere in the world. The most interesting and beneficial part of Maersk’s cold chain solutions is that it has multiple facets and the solutions can be easily customized as per customer’s need. Maersk’s provision of multiple transport modes (road and rail) made our exports extremely seamless. Our business deals with real-time last minute needs. With their multiple options and reliability, we can plan and manage better. Their booking management solution helps us with wholistic documentation right from bookings, shipping instructions, VGM, and finalizing bill of lading. With our consignees opting for similar solutions, it will bring greater strength to everyone’s global supply chain.- Kush Shah, Operations Manager, Advait Agrotech Private Limited

Advait Agrotech Private limited is based in Gujarat, India. The company specialises in potato cultivation, contract farming, wholesale supply, bulk storage, and exports. They are one of the preferred suppliers of chip grade potatoes to MNCs and domestic chip manufacturers in Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, and Malaysia for the last 8 years.

Their challenge

Their customer was facing challenges that resulted from the absence of one reliable logistics partner. Being in the business of shipping potatoes which is a part of the seasonal industry with low margin and high volume, it’s imperative for them to follow a strict schedule.

In addition to this, lack of communication from their existing partner was leading to missed pre-defined schedules and sales for the week, last-minute fixes like bearing entire transportation cost to replace a defective unit to seaworthy ones due to subpar quality checks, and more.

“Maersk has a worldwide reach and their strong infrastructure has helped our business grow. Our partnership with Maersk has been very cost-effective, time-effective, and mutually beneficial.- Sanjay Shah, Director, Advait Agrotech Private Limited

The Maersk solution to Advait Agrotech Private limited

Their agile cold chain solutions immediately devise a strategy that fit their client’s requirements to a tee. What did they provide them?

  • Single window cold chain solutions
  • Dedicated person taking care of their booking management
  • Ensuring container availability along with transportation
  • Providing shipping instructions (SI) and bill of lading (BL)
  • Assistance and complete visibility of refrigerated vehicle with Captain Peter

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