Plug in.. Login… Relax

Supply Chains are tough businesses to be in; it takes a lot of effort and time to get things right and accurate. From managing fleets to getting the delivery just right is a difficult task with issues and problems coming up on the fly. In some cases, they can be sorted immediately – in others, it can be a long time to make it work.

In such cases, as operators, you often turn towards spot-hiring vehicles for the designated delivery. Or you can also choose to hire vehicles as per your need and convenience. Regardless, It’s a tricky proposition as you go on to trusting someone else to provide the same delivery and efficiency that your customer expects and needs.

Keeping track of the vehicle that is sent for delivery becomes extremely pertinent when you need seamless delivery and more importantly, product safety. As cold chain operators, keeping your products safe and in good condition is the biggest ask. Market-hire vehicles may be able to do the job efficiently too but there is always a good chance they might not meet the standards or worse, they could cause big problems.

A Plug n Play solution lets you hire from the market but enforce agreed driving and delivery parameters. You need portable devices that can be used to track a vehicle’s temperature for trips up to five days, with the devices being placed in the vehicle and removed at the end of the trip. This allows you to make sure the delivery is done right and the product is safe too.

Here are some of the features you would need to look for while selecting such a provider:

  • Plug-n-Play and instantly Online
  • Real-Time Tracking and Temperature
  • Pay per Trip
  • Reverse Logistics organized
  • Exceptions and Alarms
  • ERP/SAP integration
  • Vendor Management
  • Flexible and dynamic logins for your end-customer
  • Pan India Service

Fleetview, is one solution that’s been around for over 15 years and trusted by major brands – someone with the age, technology, and commitment to help you deliver your Cold Chain Cargo effectively and safely.

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