Delivery of Robust End-to-end Cooling Solutions

Chandrakant P. Patel, Chairman & Managing Director, Ice Make Refrigeration Ltd.

“The current transport and workforce bottlenecks encountered are boosting the use of cold supply chain and temperature-controlled warehouses utilized for handling pharmaceuticals, perishable foods, agro produce and dairy products..”

Over the past few years, the Indian refrigeration equipment market is witnessing an upward growth trajectory. The rising demand for Dairy, frozen & chilled products among consumers, evolving lifestyle, rapid urbanization and growth in the retail sector including an increasing number of hypermarkets and supermarkets are some of the factors projected to create a significant growth backdrop for this market.

While most businesses have been experiencing a lull, massively impacting the economy, with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic which is unlikely to disappear soon, this domain is experiencing a surge. The current transport and workforce bottlenecks encountered are boosting the use of cold supply chain and temperature-controlled warehouses utilized for handling pharmaceuticals, perishable foods, agro produce and dairy products.

While the market continues to maintain its fluidity, there are various market segments and user types that have their own set of unique requirements. Customers demand high performance while simultaneously seeking service that transcends their expectations. A highly skilled cooling solutions provider that can meet every client’s expectations and seamlessly align themselves with the current/future trends is the need of the hour.

Carving a niche for itself in this domain with over three decades of in-depth experience is Gujarat headquartered Ice Make Refrigeration Limited with its comprehensive and highly customizable suite of cooling products and accessories.

“Our diverse range of product portfolio makes us a one-stop cooling solutions provider for our customers. We have expertise in equipment manufacturing, project engineering and project management to meet the temperature-specific requirements of our end-users,” says Chandrakant P. Patel, Chairman and MD, Ice Make Refrigeration Limited.

Achieving Superior Client Satisfaction

Commanding quite the market presence, the company has already established a wide network of distribution channels with its dedicated sales force team and a presence across domestic and international markets. This has enabled the company to enhance its customer reach. The company boasts of its state-of-the-art facilities that are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to ensure high-quality output in a cost-efficient manner. “We offer the industry’s most comprehensive range of design, installation, compliance and aftermarket capabilities,” adds Chandrakant.

With a strong focus on forging a long-term relationship with its customers, the company has a dedicated team of experts allocated for the day-to-day operations and after-sales services. They are strategically placed across the nation thus positioned to reach the clients’ premises within 24 hours of placing the service call. “Our success is largely attributed to the experience and expertise of our leadership team. It is under their guidance and stewardship that the Company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cooling solutions equipment in India,” informs Chandrakant.

He strongly believes this market holds massive unexplored potential and Ice Make has equipped itself to explore these opportunities. The company envisions penetrating the interiors of the country as rural connectivity and electricity improve. The company aims to bolster its sales network in the domestic market and increase its footprint across the southern and eastern regions of the country. In conjunction with this, the company is also exploring opportunities to make its products available across regions through franchise-based models (OEM). Striving to continue delivering innovative solutions and services, Chandrakant concludes, “With our integrated capacities in place, we shall be focussing on expanding our export pie substantially.”

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