In conversation with Craig Wylie, Regional Sales Director, APAC, Cold Chain Technologies Asia Pte Ltd.

Craig Wylie

What are your best-known solutions/products/services?

a. KoolTemp Eco-Flex 96 Reusable Parcel Shipper Comprehensive lease solutions with in-country support at origin and destination, complete ease of use service and program management included. This is by far the most comprehensive value offering to provide a fully outsourced cold chain solution rental service.

b. KoolTemp EndeavAir 1600L Reusable Pallet Shipper

A fully-conditioned, leased, reusable passive shipper designed to fit four on a PMC, the Kooltemp EndeavAir 1600L has the largest payload possible, allowing for 40% fewer shipments compared to other passive shipping solutions. Real-time visibility to system location and temperature with cost savings vs active units. The ability to swap out refrigerants adds flexibility into our operation and with the support of our network partners we can effectively double our fleet.

Which industry sectors are your customers in, and which ones are growing fastest?

Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, there is unprecedented demand for thermal assurance shipping solutions for the life sciences industry – manufacturing, clinical, and distribution sectors – and CCT has met this challenge by drastically ramping up production. We are ready and able to meet this worldwide growing demand and future regulations when it comes to temperature sensitive shipments.

i Pharma (Vaccine distribution)BioTech manufacturersMedical Devices

ii BioTech manufacturersMedical Devices

iii Medical Devices

What are your most recent product innovations?

As above, the KoolTemp EndeavAir is our latest product innovation in the passive pallet space, while the EcoFlex is an update to our established reusable parcel line in all the best ways – reduction in weight, pack-out time, increases in conditioning efficiency, and increases in length of transit time, maintaining the strict temperature control throughout.

What are the major trends and developments affecting your category and your customers, and how are you responding?

Flexibility – local support collaboration – ease of use. We are responding with trip-lease, lease or full-purchase options for single-use and reusable product lines. We offer the broadest passive product portfolio and have the talented, experienced professionals positioned globally to understand the challenges your shipment will face once it leaves your facility. They work with you along the way to ensure that those challenges are met We combine all of this to make your program easy to launch in a short period of time and within your budget. In Asia especially, we are determined not to fly fresh air around!

What’s your strategy for succeeding in the current climate?

Mentioned above, managing the widest portfolio of passive systems on the planet, maximizing the ability to provide a joint product intertwined with one service offering.

Covid-19 proved our flexibility and speed at which we can pull the trigger for action, we built a stand-alone manufacturing plant to support shipping critical vaccines to combat the Covid-19 strains.

Can you tell us about any of recent customer contracts and how you helped the customer meet their challenges?

We can share many customer successes generally here, but also encourage readers to access our knowledge center to read case studies of other improvements made for the customer.  We were asked to reduce landfill waste, while also reducing the program cost overall. To respond, CCT developed a customer return/reuse program allowing for EPS regrind upon return (and therefore EPS reuse by allowing 10% regrind in new EPS shippers), while also allowing for return, sterilization, and reuse (at a reduced cost) of phase change materials (coolants). The results showed that once the program was implemented, over 35% of this biopharmaceuticals’ clients choose to optionally return EPS shippers upon receipt – resulting in over 30 tons of EPS being diverted from landfills and reused annually; and over 100,000 coolants being recycled and reused for future shipments (at a reduced cost) saving hundreds of thousands in program costs as well.

What’s the latest news from your company?

CCT is actively providing storage and shipping solutions to ensure proper temperature controls for COVID-19 Vaccines. Per CEO Ranjeet Banerjee, “We’re proud to do our part in bringing this pandemic to an end by using our expertise to help ensure that the COVID-19 vaccines are safely transported, thawed and ready to administer — in the right quantity and at the right time,” said Ranjeet Banerjee, CEO of Cold Chain Technologies. “Unquestionably, the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan is an extremely significant supply chain challenge. But we’re heartened to see so many people and organizations coming together to make it happen. At Cold Chain Technologies, we’ll continue to apply our deep expertise and decades of experience to the success of this global effort.” This year, we will be launching 14 rental & stock-holding network locations throughout Asia. This is crucial to support the breadth of our portfolio from best-in-class Tyvek cargo covers, through flexible parcel shippers to our flagship EndeavAir

Can you tell us about any areas where you are currently making technical advances?

Leveraging its 50+ years of industry experience, in partnership with Cloudleaf, Inc is launching a state-of-the art Digital Visibility Platform to enable real-time and actionable insights into the location and condition of vaccines being transported, down to the last mile. This collaboration is a great example of organizations coming together with a shared purpose to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, but also provide valuable data and monitoring to spaces in the industry that was unavailable previously due to cost or complexity. The smart solutions from CCT are always supported by the best in the industry, and we continue to evolve to suit the needs of our clients, which ultimately serve patients – meaning our work matters in every step we take.

Could you please share your views on Cold Chain sector for our magazine readers?

The cold chain and temperature-controlled logistics sector is one that has existed for decades but is now very much in the spotlight for the general public around the world because of the cold-storage and temperature-sensitive needs of the COVID-19 vaccines. CCT has long been an industry leader and continues to be, innovating and adapting to support global logistics and distribution of the vaccines. No more so than India, where we are soon to start manufacturing and providing support in key cities across the country.

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