Driver Safety has become the focal point of Supply Chain post Covid 19

Different waves and mutations of the CoVID19 virus and frequent lockdowns enforced by governments worldwide brings the focus right back to the importance of human health and safety. 

Supply Chains are already facing major disruptions on account of drivers and workers returning to their hometown in panic. This has forced leaders in every sphere to revisit their strategy to tackle this upheaval.

Companies already spend millions on Employee Health & Safety within plant and factory premises; but they tend to compromise when it comes to driver safety on the road..

Some providers like Transworld have useful solutions focusing on Driver behavior and safety. Their apps engage with drivers both online and offline, before and after a journey, ensuring that your safety standards are understood and complied with – including measurement. 

The indigenously built mobile app called the MobileEye FTPR (First Time Pass Rate) inspects, audits and reports the health of each and every vehicle entering factory premises, ensuring minimal breakdowns and safer driving conditions for drivers.

Another unique and proprietary JRM (Journey Risk Management) feature of the MobileEye DragonDroid app alerts and forewarns drivers of any hazards during the entire journey and also identifies help locations for drivers such as police stations, hospitals, fire stations, crane service etc. It also flags best and least safe drivers and also incentivizes drivers in accordance with their safety scores.

Such ready to use market solutions with many more driver safety features should be ideal choice for supply chain management and leaders. To know more about such easy to use, pay as you go model  Call 8669626657 or write to us more about your business requirements at

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