Thorsten Heitland joined the management of Kloosterboer BLG Coldstore GmbH

Thorsten Heitland joined the management of Kloosterboer BLG Coldstore GmbH on April 1, 2021. In the coming months, he will take over from Lüder Korff, who will retire on July 31, 2021, after having worked for Kloosterboer BLG Coldstore and its predecessors for 32 years.

Thorsten Heitland, born in 1980, graduated as a banker and studied industrial engineering in Bremerhaven, which he completed with a degree in industrial engineering.

From 2006 he worked in various positions for STUTE-Verkehrs GmbH, after which he moved to FRoSTA AG in 2010. Here he was until recently Head of Supply Chain Logistics and as such responsible for the development, management and monitoring of temperature-controlled logistics, for the strategic development of supply chain management, as well as for the capacity and resource planning of all FRoSTA AG. locations in Germany.

Lüder Korff has been working for Coldstore since 1989. Initially he worked as an operations manager and was responsible for sales management. In 2002 he took charge of the company. Korff is deputy chairman of the German cold store association VDKL and for many years was a board member of the European association for the refrigeration and freezing industry ECSLA.

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