Starting a Cold Chain Business for Beginners

What is Cold Chain?

The cold chain refers to managing the temperature of perishable products food (vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood, dairy products), Flowers and plants, Bio-pharmaceutical products under controlled conditions for longer periods.

cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. It’s a process since it involves performing a chain of tasks to prepare, store, and transport products along the cold supply chain. Failure to keep cold chain products cold will render them unusable, which leads to a wastage of the products. When cold products go bad, both the shipper and their client lose money. 

Starting a Cold Chain business with Niche Ideas

Some of the areas of specialization in the cold chain business includes;

  • Leasing Cold Stores to companies serving Perishable Products
  • Cold Chain Consulting
  • Cold/Refrigerated Transport Services by Road, Rail, Air & Water
  • Manufacturing the Refrigerated Trucks & Van Bodies
  • Construction of Cold Storage
  • Equipments Manufacturing or Supplying to Cold Store Owners- Equipments such as Racking & Storage, Material Handling, Cooling Equipment and many other types of accessories which are used in Cold Storages or Temperature controlled transport
  • Technology Suppliers to Temperature Controlled Logistics Service providers to make their work easy such as Data Loggers, Robotics & Automation. Data Loggers are in huge demand among Temperature Controlled Logistics/Cold Chain Industry that helps in managing the accurate temperature in entire cold chain process.

Running a Cold Chain business Successfully-

For any entrepreneur who knows what they are doing, running a cold chain business can be a very lucrative business especially if you have the right information at your finger tips and also the technical know-how needed to be able to run the business such as cold stores.

Now these days-Cold chains are common in the food and pharmaceutical industries and also in some chemical shipments. If we talk bout Pharmaceutical industry, The pandemic, however, has suddenly brought the sector under spotlight, with increased demand for Temperature Sensitive Vaccines.

And Food waste is a tough and profound question in the world. Food wastage is major issues among the countries in the world whether it is developed or developing. And When cold chain is established and applied properly and consistently, a fully functioning cold chain can successfully prevent and reduce food loss as low as two percent.

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