NewCold invests to expand cold store facility in Australia

NewCold invests $160 million to expand cold store facility in Victoria, Australia, and announces new partnership with Simplot

Melbourne, Australia — Pioneering Netherlands-based cold chain logistics company, NewCold, is pleased to announce that it has signed Simplot Australia as new customers and is investing a further $160 million in its Victorian state-of-the art facility, bringing its total investment in Victoria to $460 million.

NewCold will more than double the size of its Melbourne 2 facility, providing customers with a powerhouse of advanced features and a seamless experience. At 43 metres high, the site will expand from 115,000 pallet positions to 225,000, an increase of 110,000 pallets. The extension will include 30,000 for ambient/chilled and 85,000 pallet positions for frozen goods.

It will be a one stop shop facility with ambient, chilled and frozen capabilities, setting new service standards. One of the largest automated high bays in the world, the site also includes a container park.

The expanded facility is scheduled to be operational in 2022. Simplot will transition all of its frozen products in 2023.

NewCold has a strong reputation in Europe and the United Kingdom and is currently expanding its footprint in North America; and building its presence in Asia Pacific.

Bram Hage, Founder and CEO of NewCold said: “This is a great day for NewCold and the cold storage industry in Australia. It is very pleasing to see our continued investment and growth in Australia as we seek to build a long-term strategic relationship with Simplot. Our robust global pipeline includes the delivery of at least six new capital projects, as we continue to develop multiple large-scale automated facilities across Europe, Australia and North America. This momentum confirms a very positive future for customers and an innovation boost for the industry.  As we continue to expand our global presence, we support local communities in efforts to foster economic growth and create high-quality employment opportunities.”

Abhy Maharaj, Executive VP, NewCold Business & Growth said: “Collaborating with respected partners like Simplot drives our success, as we share an ambition to transform the industry and reimagine the global food supply chain. We have invested and grown our regional head-office in Melbourne who will be leading the expansion development in close cooperation with our partners and stakeholders in Australia and Europe. We are confident that Oceania will continue to be an opportunity-rich region with at least another three new large-scale sites planned for development in the near future.”

The Melbourne cold storage facility will use state-of-the-art technology including automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to automatically move and store products in the high-bay warehouse. The equipment and operators will be directed by NewCold’s proprietary advanced software systems, while products are kept in optimal conditions. This advanced cold chain solution ensures that processes are sustainable, traceable, fully integrated with the processes of NewCold’s customers, and always at the very forefront of technological developments.

Mobilisation and construction activities started at the end of May 2021.

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