Seamless solutions for cold chain and modular Cold Storage

Globally, India is one of the key producers of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat and marine products – all of them need cold solutions for preservation.

The economic situation indicators in India show, there is a growing demand to keep and distribute temperature sensitive products, under food category, to address the spiralling food inflation and the global food security concerns.

Ice Make can proudly call themselves as one of the cold chain solutions Provider; after all, Ice Make does not import the technology fully; all the cooling systems are designed by Ice Make professionals for the ambient conditions of this tropical country.

The reliability of the cooling system is very important in preserving the basic integrity of any perishable goods.  It is for this reason that the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture has come out with Technical Standards for various types of storages.

The state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility, creative Design and Engineering Department to provide solutions for all type of cooling needs in the perishable sector and the time-tested Execution and Service Departments are some of the key contributions by Ice Make to this critical need.

The Team Ice Make, over a period, is built to meet the national agenda on cold solutions and energy efficiency in every link through innovative reading of market needs, creative product development and quality management of global standards.  

Seamless solutions for cold chain and modular Cold Storage

Ice Make Refrigeration Limited is an integrated engineering solutions company. Nothing excites us more than engineering end-to-end solutions for the cold chain & all type of Refrigeration Products. We set no limits to curiosity, innovation, and ingenuity; constantly questioning perfection and asking ourselves ‘What if?’ and ‘Why not’ every day.

As a result, frontrunners in several industries come to us for total refrigeration need.  And they stay on for our domain expertise, technology leadership, service excellence, and customizing capabilities.

The vision to become a known leader in India of refrigeration equipment in terms of quality, price and service was clear. The three-tier policy of the company also embedded customer satisfaction with respect to product range and service network. For this, the company recruited efficient, qualified and dedicated human resource. Ice Make Refrigeration’s objective is customer satisfaction and not profit.

We focus on excellence, the highest quality and to be leader in technology. We redefine quality day by day, continuously to provide world class products with services and settings higher and higher standard of customer oriented quality.

The word-of-mouth publicity of our satisfied customers has helped us not only to acquire new references but also to capture a significant references but also to capture a significant market share in the industry.

Total Cold Chain Solution:
Premier Cold Chain Solutions Backed By Experience & Expertise

Ice Make Refrigeration Limited Manufacturer & Exporter of Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration Equipment with HCFCs/HFCs refrigerants and Ammonia refrigerant and it has been successfully satisfying the needs of the customers since inception in 1993. It had a humble beginning trying to fulfil the requirements of refrigeration equipment, from its production to its after-sales service.

Cold Room / Storage
Cold Room PUF Panels (Discontinuous Type) 60, 80, 100, 125 & 150 mm
Cold Room Door
Solar Cold Room
Glass Door Display Chiller
Condensing Unit (Air/Water Cooled)
Evaporator Unit
Control Panel for Cold Room
Curd Incubation Chamber
Ripening Chamber
Pre-Cooling Chamber
Blast Freezer & Chiller

Ammonia Refrigeration
Turnkey Projects for Cold Stores
Water Chillers for Dairy
Glycol Chillers for milk deep chilling for dairy
Glycol chillers for beverage plants
Glycol chillers for brewery plants
Water Chillers for Pharma
LP Receivers with Ammonia Pumps for retrofit plants
Ice Accumulating Coils
Atmospheric Condensers

Industrial Refrigeration
Water Chilling Plant
Brine Chilling Plant
Oil Chilling Plant
Air Chilling Plant Air Chilling Plant Air Chilling Plant
Ice Building Tank (IBT)
Commercial Refrigeration
Ice Cream Mix Plant
Batch Pasteurizer
Ageing Vat
Bulk Milk Chiller
Ice Candy Production Machine
Ice Cream Hardener (Static/Tunnel Type)
Mini Blast Freezer & Chiller
Heat Pump Food Dehydrator
Transport Refrigeration

Refrigerated Container
Refrigerated Van
Dry Insulted Container
Bunk House

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