Shypple Raises € 25.5 Million, Acquires ‘Milestone’ to lead Perishable Market.

Rotterdam-based digital freight forwarding platform Shypple has raised €25.5 Million this year to acquire ocean freight forwarder Milestone.  With this accretion, Shypple is said to be the “first digital freight forwarding service” in the Perishable Market.

The recent acquisition of the Milestone does not only strengthen Shypple’s foothold in the already lucrative Asian Market but will also mark an emboldened presence in European and Central Market.

“We are giving a huge boost to the digitalisation of our services by combining our knowledge of perishable transport with the digital capabilities of Shypple,” said Milestone co-founders and CEOs Co van Es and Juri Falandt. “As a result, our customers immediately benefit from the visibility, consistency, and reliability that will enable them to confidently optimise their global trading operations. This is hugely important in an intercontinental market where efficiency and access to the latest freight information are essential.”

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