IQF OctoFrost Turns Vegetable Processing into an Experience, Launches 3D Animation Demonstration

Swedish IQF machinery manufacturer OctoFrost has recently released a 3D animation to allow potential customers get a lucid look of the OctoFrost IQF Vegetable Processing Line.

According to the marketing coordinator of OctoFrost, the animation lets the potential clients feel the ease of using OctoFrost line, which is a one-stop solution for vegetable processors across the globe.  

As per their client review, “The design and ease of sanitation make fast product changes possible’ and we feel this animation shows the properties that make our line so convenient. The sophisticated and technical aspects of the IQF Vegetable Processing Line are presented, showcasing properties of each piece of machinery; the flotation Washer with aerial blower, OctoFrost IF Blancher, Flash Chiller, and IQF Vegetable Freezer.

Working together with industry experts and graphic designers, OctoFrost achieved a complete visual representation that shows how food products are processed at each stage of the washing, blanching, chilling, and freezing processes.”

The OctoFrost vegetable Processing line is brimming with energy-efficient and next-gen features, guaranteeing premium product quality adhering to the  greatest hygiene and food safety standards in the industry.

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