In conversation with Rohan Bellikatti, Country Head- New Business Development-India and Srilanka, Lamilux India

Rohan Bellikatti, Country Head- New Business Development-India & Srilanka, Lamilux India Private Limited

Thus the cold Rooms, storage areas and last mile delivery play a very vital role in this cycle. This has opened the doors for many logistic companies to own more of reefer containers and last mile vehicles which are more efficient way of transporting goods. Based on the product type, the market has been segmented as fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products and healthcare products in today’s scenario..

What are your best-known solutions/products/services?

Glass reinforced plastics (GRP) are playing to their strengths in a wide range of industrial applications – and with their versatile qualities are increasingly replacing conventional materials such as aluminium or steel. LAMILUX’s GRP lightweight qualities are used primarily as the inner and outer cover layers of the side walls, roofs and floors of caravans and shelterrhomes, Portable Offices, Mobile Hospitals, Reefer Trucks and many more.

LAMILUX is a German family run business that has been producing Glass reinforced plastics for almost 70 years. Inspiring customers with innovative, sophisticated products and creative solutions, is the focus of company to support their customers’ success.

With Johanna Strunz and  Dr Alexander Strunz, the fourth generation joined the management team alongside their parents Dr Heinrich Strunz and Dr Dorothee Strunz.

Due to its technologically outstanding, continuous manufacturing process, large production capacities and broad product range, the medium-sized company is the leading producer in Europe and, since 2021, recognized as one of the world market leaders in its sector. LAMILUX supplies customers around the globe in the segments of commercial vehicles, reefers and dry freight trucks, motor homes and caravans, cold storage, construction industry and numerous other industrial segments.

LAMILUX Composites – Hygienic High-Tech materials in the cold chain

LAMILUX GRP is a preferred material choice for food transport, cooling and food processing industry because of its outstanding mechanical properties, very high lightweight potential, and excellent cleanability.

LAMILUX X-treme, for example, combines low weight per unit area with highest strength, rendering it the ideal material for lightweight sandwich elements. With its very good UV and weather resistance and resistance to hailstorms, it is widely used as lining for truck sidewalls and roofs.

Also for the interior in reefer trucks as well as wall claddings in food and cooling industry, LAMILUX GRP is often the preferred choice when it comes to cleanability, hygiene, and impact resistance. For further safety in between the cleaning cycles, LAMILUX AntiBac is equipped with an antibacterial surface, certified to DIN EN ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801.

Worldwide service and fast distribution

With Sales Partners all around the globe and fast international distribution, LAMILUX is the industry leader when it comes to delivery reliability. This is where the many years of experience in the worldwide dispatch of goods and the logistical know-how of the customer-oriented sales team of LAMILUX Composites come into play.

In addition, the large production capacities ensure extremely timely material production. Thanks to intelligently distributed branches in numerous countries around the world, the professionals at LAMILUX Composites are always available to our customers, almost independent of time zones.

Which industry sectors are your customers in, and which ones are growing fastest?

We supply customers around the globe in a wide range of sectors, such as the automotive and recreational vehicle industries, refrigerated store room and cell construction, the construction industry and many other industrial sectors involved in glass or carbon-fibre-reinforced sheets or-rolls.

Due to our technologically advanced, continuous manufacturing process, our large manufacturing capacities and our wide product range, we, as a medium-sized company, are the leading European producer and also a leading GRP supplier for the Indian Market.

As a German producer of quality products, we at LAMILUX India have already implemented automotive standards and offer you engineering support in the further processing of composites and on application recommendations. Thanks to the numerous possible uses for fibre-reinforced composites, LAMILUX works with numerous well-known international and domestic companies across India and global.

What are your most recent product innovations?

In order to transport the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines in a safe, hygienic and refrigerated manner from production to the vaccination centres and store them properly there, special transport vehicles and containers are required. Impacts, impurities and, above all, temperature fluctuations must be avoided. Flat and face sheets made of glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP) are assisting with this.

The construction material LAMILUX X-treme GRP is used, among other things, as a face sheet skin for the internal and external walls of vaccine transport containers. This results in a surface that is extremely robust, even at temperatures of minus 80°C, easy to clean, corrosion-free and very light.

An additional option is the AntiBac function, which can be applied optionally if required by customers to the glass fibre-reinforced plastic. Integrated nano-silver particles disinfect the surface, whereby multi-resistant germs die within just a few hours. The re-formation of critical germs is prevented.

Additional areas of application for LAMILUX X-treme AntiBac

This innovative composite material is already being used as a structural face sheet for refrigerated truck bodies, refrigerated warehouses and processing facilities in the food sector as well as in operating theatres in hospitals. This can reduce downtime throughout the food and cold chain.

What are the major trends and developments affecting your category and your customers, and how are you responding?

India is developing and growing rapidly. To meet the requirements of a developing country, there is a lot of need for investment and a great demand on the market.

Taking refrigerated containers as an example, a few years ago, they were very rarely used for transportation in India. As a result, there was a lot of food wastage. However, now you see more and more reefer containers for food products. This confirms using our strive for innovation and new technologies.

LAMILUX India aims to be one of the driving forces in the refrigerated container market. Together with our customers, we want to develop high-quality panels and thus also durable and efficient refrigerated containers. In this market there are very few domestic competitors and international ones but we believe that the biggest competition is the conventional processes used which are used since ages and don’t wish to change with innovation and development. The largest advantage in this kind of  competition is the support we at Lamilux offer the customer, our technical know-how, Innovation, Trust and of course existing relationships with our customers.

What’s your strategy for succeeding in the current climate?

LAMILUX India believes that the key for any growth in a particular business is the innovation of various products, which meet the needs of the people and even surpasses the need by delighting them with superior quality products and also inventing something new which is the need for the moment, for the current industry and the future.

With rich experience in technical know-how and world-class products for various segments of business, LAMILUX India is determined to keep innovating and amazing its customers with vast application knowledge and know how. Our technical sound team both, at India and Germany, are always willing to help the customer with necessary recommendations if it is required.

Even during the pandemic LAMILUX had various webinars which were so informative and educative to the automotive and not automotive segments. As a consequence of the webinars, people realize the uses of GRP, advantages and its benefits. In the future, we will be offering more webinars to further train about LAMILUX GRP and its applications.

Can you tell us about how you helped the customer meet their challenges?

We at LAMILUX India are working on getting closer to our customers. Therefore, we have relocated our warehouse in India from Delhi to Bhiwandi, near Mumbai. The new warehouse is almost 500 m² in size and can store more than 25,000 m² of material, which would suffice for building reefer containers on nearly 500 trucks & bus roofs (depending on the sizes). All our customers benefit from such an arrangement. If any customer has a problem, we immediately travel to their location and ensure things are back on track as smoothly and quickly as possible. We aim to deliver the best quality product and back it up with the most reliable service assistance so that our customers are happy and we are delighted to do so as a team.

What’s the latest news from your company?

We have the most X-treme composite on the market: The lightest and strongest tank cladding in the world thank to LAMILUX X-treme

Tank containers last for decades. During this time, it transports gases, oils, milk and other liquids – and an image. Its exterior shell is the operator’s business card. Cladding the container with LAMILUX X-treme glass-fibre reinforced plastic permanently protects the representative shell from UV, weather and mechanical effects.

LAMILUX X-treme is the spearhead of tank cladding materials. It is a Glass fibre- reinforced composite material with the maximum possible content of reinforcement fibres in a highly elastic epoxy resin matrix. LAMILUX X- treme designs save operators time and money. The shock-resistant material reduces maintenance and repair costs, thus reducing container downtime.

For safe transport in difficult conditions

Tank containers of all kinds are subjected to very high mechanical loads during loading and transport; whether as containers on a cargo ship or as tank containers on trains or on a truck. This is where LAMILUX X-treme comes in: it provides safe and energy-efficient transport of tank containers.

Even under the toughest conditions on the world’s roads and seas, the material remains visually appealing and maximises the durability of life of the entire structure. The operator also saves running operating costs for his fleet, as the tank container has a significantly lower dead weight than ones with conventional exterior shell.

Advantages with LAMILUX X-treme tank cladding

  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Maximum durability of life & less downtime
  • High-quality appearance even under the toughest conditions
  • Reduced operating costs due to weight reduction

Can you tell us about any areas where you’re currently making technical advances?

In the 1950s, our GRP corrugated sheeting was installed on pergolas and terraces, later we produced GRP for rooflight domes, today we produce GRP panels for cladding in the vehicle industry – and tomorrow?

Experience always confirms to us that nothing is more enduring than change itself. That’s why we continue to develop our products – and look for new markets in which we can support with our expertise and GRP quality.

Recently, vaccine carriers around the world have begun using our products, and we are also opening up new markets: We have developed LAMILUX TextureWall, a weather-resistant GRP with a plaster look, for modular construction and our lightweight, yet extremely robust materials are already used in air freight containers.

“We are constantly looking for new fields of application and markets to make these applications more efficient and even better together with our customers. If by any chance your application is not yet on our radar, then please get in touch to help us provide you the most innovative and application oriented solution best suited for your requirement!”

Could you please share your views on Cold Chain sector for our readers?

LAMILUX India has been offering solutions for customers in the Indian market like sandwich panel construction for truck bodies and many other applications since 2008-09. Having played an integral role in helping to develop the country’s cold chain in close association with the National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD), LAMILUX remains committed to the Indian market with renewed thrust on market expansion and deeper penetration.

The Indian cold chain sector is expected to grow at 14% CAGR during 2021-2023. And the major drivers to this sector are the Growth in Organised Retail Food, Growth in Processed Food & Health care sectors which are key areas where we can expect growth.

Apart from this now a days people want to go Green in consumption of vegetables and fruits which has been a bigger challenge for the Producers to store the same at the required temperature so that the food wastage could be minimal and the end user gets fresh and healthy stuffs.

Thus the cold Rooms, storage areas and last mile delivery play a very vital role in this cycle. This has opened the doors for many logistic companies to own more of reefer containers and last mile vehicles which are more efficient way of transporting goods. Based on the product type, the market has been segmented as fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products and healthcare products in today’s scenario.

Yes, I do know that the un-organized segment is much much higher than the organized segment but we should all strive hard to make changes in your approach and adapt to the required changes helping Indian Cold chain sector to be more organized and systematic. By this we can only Gain as a country. As the saying goes “ The value of an idea lies in using of it”, So Be the change and take the first step!

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