Pandemic Pushes Government-owned Thai Post to Venture into Cold Chain Logistics

The Bangkok Post, the official mouthpiece of the Thai government reported the formation of an alliance between longtime rivals Thai Post, the JWD Group and the Flash Express to develop the nation’s cold chain logistics market. The need for more cold chain storage and supply arose as vaccination against the Coronavirus became an urgent necessity. The vaccines have to be preserved in controlled atmospheres lest they became ineffectual. The venture, named Fuze Post, is set to kick off on the first of September 2021. 

“FUZE POST has been created by drawing on the strengths of Thailand Post, JWD, and Flash Express to take cold chain delivery to a higher level. Thailand Post specializes in door-to-door delivery with the help of its nationwide network and several years of experience, especially in terms of a combined workforce of more than 20,000 postmen who know every area in the country and are familiar with local communities. This can be a perfect combination with JWD’s industry expertise in temperature-controlled transportation and Flash Express’s digital management technology that meets the needs of customers. As a result, FUZE POST is well-positioned to become a strong cold chain express service provider,” said the Thailand Post’s president.

The JWD Group began as a storage and transport provider in 1979 and has since expanded its operations across the ASEAN nations, with its services now including logistics and supply chain solutions, warehousing, storage, transport, distribution as well as logistics software development. Its latest partnership is a mere expansion of its services in the food and cold chain. A press release from the group’s official website confirmed the move with an announcement on the 24th of August 2021. 

Charvanin Bunditkitsada, Chief Executive Officer at JWD InfoLogistics Public Company Limited said, “JWD has been the market leader in cold chain logistics and supply chain business for more than 25 years. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in different areas of cold chain logistics, from storage and warehouse management, distribution, transportation, and supply chain management for food production and processing businesses. All of these require experience and expertise in quality control and safety. Technology used for handling temperature throughout the entire supply chain as well as deeper consumer insights are also essential.”

He also said, “At the same time, the Flash Express’s IT team of more than 100 people is also preparing to deploy a cold chain management system in many areas, including fast optimization and tech adaption (using technology to improve the system to meet the needs of users and facilitate timely problem-solving), cloud computing, system infrastructure as well as the system integration to connect to the operating system (application programming interface: API) and order management system (OMS). 

Flash Express is a Thailand based integrated e-commerce service provider, set up in 2017. It expanded later under CEO Mr Komsan Saelee to include Flash Logistics which provided delivery services and Flash Fulfillment that dealt with storage. 

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