The preservation of products in a temperature-sensitive manner

Tessol, a Mumbai-based cleantech venture was found in 2013. Today, it has emerged as a national leader in the industry and offers “next-generation cold chain storage and logistics solutions” in India. For a domestic market choking due to the constraints of a poorly developed temperature-controlled supply chain, Tessol came in the nick of time. The company guarantees the preservation of products in a temperature-sensitive manner with the added assurance of last-mile delivery.

Tessol has a proven success story in the field of last-mile distribution. Their capability has been a motivation for the business to up the game of their services. Their tailored and customised solutions to every single cold chain supply-demand sets the startup apart in the field.

Cold chain supply had, for the longest time, been an underdeveloped technology. Several years ago, There was a time when Businesses, pharma and food and beverage exporters have hesitated to expand their services due to the lack of a cold chain service provider who can handle the sensitivity of temperatures.

Tessol has emerged into a parched and desperate scenario with the promise of reliability, domain expertise and customisation. It prides itself in being “the only organised player in India who provides end to end cold chain logistics solutions”. Tessol, in its testimony, enhances the reach of businesses to the “highly fragmented retail and home delivery market.”

It offers the guarantee of real-time monitoring of products in transport, with a customisable temperature range between -25° to +25°. There is an assured savings of up to 60 per cent on transportation and distribution expenditure with Tessol’s new Phase Change Material (PCM) thermal energy technology. It has delivery vehicles of all sizes to meet the Indian market needs, be it “24 ft trucks or 5 litres on a bike”.

In the face of vaccine demands across the nation, triggered by the pandemic, Tessol has stepped up to meet the cold chain supply needs. In a statement, Rajat Gupta, CEO of Tessol group said, “The entire world is going through a challenging phase due to the ongoing pandemic. The only way to halt the ongoing growth in infection is by vaccinating a maximum number of Indians. We hope to contribute to this massive cause of vaccination for Indians by means of our technological abilities and past successes.”

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