DoKaSch Temperature Solutions Opens New Service Station in India

DoKaSch Temperature Solutions has opened a new service station in India at the GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo terminal. DoKaSch, an aviation loading equipment supplier, focuses on renting out their Opticooler, the in-house, air-conditioned temperature-controlled container, to international airlines. The Opticooler safeguards and transports high value, temperature-sensitive cargo such as pharmaceuticals on intercontinental flights, ensuring optimal temperature conditions across climate zones.

India is a key location for the global pharmaceutical supply. In turn, a capable and reliable cool chain infrastructure is highly relevant for the research and manufacturing locations in the county. Currently, many of the vaccines used to fight the ongoing pandemic are being produced in India. DoKaSch’s new station plays an important role in the global supply chain.

The Hyderabad Airport is a strategically important network station for the global supply of life-saving medicines given the city’s status as a major pharma production and export hub. With the addition of the new service station, DoKaSch has strengthened its network both regionally and globally. The company effectively ensured a reliable cool chain for transporting highly sensitive pharmaceutical products during pandemic times.

The Hyderabad airport is an international hub with global connectivity. The new station is part of the GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo Terminal complex within the airport premises, which is highly beneficial for forwarders and airlines. With the ‘Pharma Zone’ terminal dedicated solely for pharma exports, the GMR facility at Hyderabad is well established as the preferred hub for pharma exports in Southern Central India. Positioning containers at the Hyderabad network station gives the local pharmaceutical manufacturers, forwarders and airlines easy access to solutions for the global transport of high-value medications. The new station has a capacity to equip up to 100 containers and can accommodate requests of up to 20 containers per day.

Andreas Seitz, Managing Director at DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, stressed the importance of the new station in his statement saying

“India is a highly relevant location for pharmaceuticals, biosimilars and biotech and especially Hyderabad is of outstanding importance. In turn, we decided to open our new service station to complement our extensive network and contribute to a capable cool chain for these products. Not only is the station located at a globally relevant industry hub, but the airport is also used by many of our partner airlines and is well connected to destinations worldwide. We are certain that our new location will play an important role for the global supply with lifesaving pharmaceutical products like vaccines, especially during the ongoing pandemic.”

Hyderabad’s Genome Valley business district is a hub for research and development as well as for the manufacturing of pharma and life-saving medicines. A vast amount of generic medicine and bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are produced here on-site. Some of the largest and most important vaccine producers have facilities in Hyderabad, which gives it additional relevance during the ongoing pandemic. Key pharmaceutical companies export their products to the USA, EU, Japan etc. The upcoming Pharma City, an extensive industrial park for pharmaceuticals, will further increase the city’s importance.

“Hyderabad Air Cargo terminal is the preferred gateway for pharmaceuticals and vaccine movements in the South Asia region and we are very pleased to partner with DoKaSch Temperature Solutions to establish a service station at our Cargo Terminal. The new facility will make the world-class DoKaSch Opticooler containers readily and easily accessible to our shared customers who will be assured of ready availability and fast turnaround with our new on-airport container station. With the addition of this facility, GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo will be the biggest hub for temperature-controlled air cargo containers in the region”, commented Mr Pradeep Panicker, CEO-GMR Hyderabad International Airport.

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