RLS Logistics welcome Partners Alliance Cold Storage in Ontario, California

New Cold Storage Warehouse Partnership in Ontario California RLS Logistics through its affiliate RLS Partners, recently welcomed Partners Alliance Cold Storage, Ontario, CA, as a warehouse partner and member of the RLS network of cold chain solutions providers. The company will be known as RLS Alliance. With the addition of RLS Alliance, the RLS network adds 275,000 […]

In conversation with Andreas Seitz, Managing Director, DoKaSch Temperature Solutions 

“Pharmaceutical temperature-controlled logistics is quite a complex and demanding task in the transport and logistics sector. There is no room for inaccuracy with the high-value and sensitive goods to be transported. Especially in the global air cargo sector with many different players and environments in the supply chains, maintaining accurate temperatures and cold chains is […]

Frigor Express, a Belgian Cold Chain Transport services Providers, enters into partnership with Fresh Connection

Fresh Connection and FrigorExpress have entered into a partnership. As from 1 September 2021,  will be working together in the fields of transport, warehousing and more”, as per press release published by fresh connection, the European experts on transport, storage and distribution of perishable products. Fresh Connection has worked across the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam […]

LocoNav’s Fleet Safety Analytics to Improve Safety and Transparency in Cold Chain Transport

Data has revolutionised the way the world functions. Technical and numerical analysis if anything and everything is possible with technology. It has introduced tremendous possibilities in all fields. The new Fleet Management System proposed by LocoNav is an example of how technology and real-time data acquisition can improve operations in the cold chain industry. “Fleet […]