LocoNav’s Fleet Safety Analytics to Improve Safety and Transparency in Cold Chain Transport

Data has revolutionised the way the world functions. Technical and numerical analysis if anything and everything is possible with technology. It has introduced tremendous possibilities in all fields. The new Fleet Management System proposed by LocoNav is an example of how technology and real-time data acquisition can improve operations in the cold chain industry.

“Fleet safety analytics is a segment of the fleet management ecosystem that utilises the power of data to provide helpful insights into everything related to your fleet, keeping in mind all the safety considerations. Fleet safety analytics refers to the diagnostic data collected from the vehicles in a fleet, and using it to extract insights into improving the fleet’s safety and avoiding security breaches in the future”, explains Rashi Sharma, in an article published on LocoNav’s official website. 

“Telematics technology ensures that all data about the vehicle’s health, performance and functioning is communicated in real-time to the relevant stakeholders. If the vehicle goes beyond the speed limit, or indulges in harsh braking or sharp turning, or is in the need of a maintenance check-up, the telematics system relays all the information to the command centre so that appropriate actions can be taken to ensure vehicle safety.”

Dashboard cameras are a prominent part of the application of telematics.

“Dashboard cameras provide that level of safety to any fleet. Mounted on the windscreen, these cameras come with road facing and driver facing capabilities, recording footage in real-time. In case the driver gets involved in an altercation, replaying the footage from the dashcams can help identify the real perpetrator and can exonerate the driver from false claims”.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are another addition to the list. It is a means to monitor and ensure driver safety by empowering the drivers with some technological assistance. 

“Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) come powered with AI-sensors that can detect and prevent accidents from happening. With instant alerts, ADAS can notify the driver about potential risks on the road such as forward collision, drifting and overspeeding. Along with that, ADAS also can alert the fleet owner if the driver is not following safety protocols or is driving in a distracted manner. ADAS, coupled with dashcams, provide the fleet owner with reliable footage of the driving behaviour and road conditions, helping them coach drivers accordingly.”

LocoNav Services was found in 2016 by Vidit Jain and Shridhar Gupta. It provides a single platform to run and manage fleet operations with ease. It has end-to-end solutions to ensure every step of the fleet management functions smoothly. It assists in availing hassle-free commercial vehicle loans, procuring commercial fleet supplies, getting in touch with skilled and verified drivers and enabling a telematics driven tracking ecosystem.  

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