Frigor Express, a Belgian Cold Chain Transport services Providers, enters into partnership with Fresh Connection

Fresh Connection and FrigorExpress have entered into a partnership. As from 1 September 2021,  will be working together in the fields of transport, warehousing and more”, as per press release published by fresh connection, the European experts on transport, storage and distribution of perishable products. Fresh Connection has worked across the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Vlissingen since 2005. It also provides sustainable, reliable and tailor-made services for the distribution of reefer cargo. 

The Belgian family-owned logistics company FrigorExpress was founded over 25 years ago and focuses on refrigerated transport throughout Europe. It is a company specialised in the transportation of fruits and vegetables, plants and refrigerated transport of chilled and frozen products. With headquarters in Péruwelz, Wallonia, Frigor Express has permanent branches in France (Cavaillon, Moissac and Perpignan), the Netherlands (Breda) and Latvia (Riga). FrigorExpress operates more than 160 trucks and serves 520 destinations daily, with almost as many drivers.

Wouter de Koning, manager of Fresh Connection said, “With this partnership, we can perfectly offer a one-stop-shop approach. Our customers will benefit and we will optimise the space in our warehouses. Moreover, we are both convinced of the importance of high service levels for our customers. Through this partnership with FrigorExpress, we want to take the next step”.

Rob de Feiter, responsible for FrigorExpress Netherlands, commented on the event, “Our activities are perfectly in line with each other. If Fresh Connection needs wheels, we can instantly help out. And if we are faced with a challenge in storing our freight, we can turn to Fresh Connection. FrigorExpress and Fresh Connection actually often share the same customers. With this cooperation, we can offer them an even better total package”.

The partnership has been on the horizon for a long time and the pandemic gave it the necessary push to pace up talks between the two companies. Both the partners stand to claim benefits from their mutual cooperation, especially with the major overlap in the regions where they operate. The warehouses, transportation services and storage facilities will be at the disposal of both parties, thus smoothening their functions and reducing expenses. The press statement has called the new situation “a win-win” for both parties. 

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