RLS Logistics welcome Partners Alliance Cold Storage in Ontario, California

New Cold Storage Warehouse Partnership in Ontario California

RLS Logistics through its affiliate RLS Partners, recently welcomed Partners Alliance Cold Storage, Ontario, CA, as a warehouse partner and member of the RLS network of cold chain solutions providers. The company will be known as RLS Alliance.

With the addition of RLS Alliance, the RLS network adds 275,000 square feet of temperature controlled warehousing capacity. Frozen and refrigerated food manufacturers in the Southern California region will gain access to the RLS network with the addition of RLS Alliance’s strategic location in Ontario, CA, and Riverside, CA, near the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles. RLS Alliance provides cold storage warehousing, including bulk storage, value added services, intermodal dock solutions, and transportation services.

“Customers can expect a personal experience when they partner with RLS Alliance. They get to know the customer service team on a first name basis,” said RJ Neu, President, and Regional Partner, RLS Alliance. “Additionally, our way of operating is more flexible compared to the big box companies; we can make decisions quickly to assist customers’ needs.”

RJ continues, “Offering our customers a fully integrated distribution solution, is something we are excited about. RLS also brings transportation expertise and other needed value added services that we look forward to extending to our customers.”

With over 20 years of experience, Neu has extensive experience working first and in the cold chain industry in quality control and manufacturing positions. “I’m excited that we found a partner aligned with our thought process and that wants to grow our team,” he continued.

RLS Alliance joins the fast growing network of top tier regional leading, family owned, temperature controlled warehouse providers. As a family run business, RLS Alliance has similar values in operating: personalized customer experience, strong customer foundations, loyalty, and entrepreneurialism. RLS’ network is a refreshing alternative for expansion minded food manufacturers who prefer the personalized approach that family run providers offer that gets diluted with the larger cold storage competitors.  

“Customer centricity is a business strategy that RLS has led in our operations for as long as I can remember. RLS Alliance follows a similar strategy; their customer partnerships are a testament to it. This makes them a natural fit for our network of top cold storage providers. We look forward to a fruitful partnership, and we welcome the west coast team to our family,” said Russell Leo, Chief Executive Officer, RLS Logistics.

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