Airport’s cold space: a Crystal project

Team Crystal’s idea of creating a cold storage infrastructure amidst the airport without any civil construction and cost came into light not long after the global pandemic started, when the company were approached by the Hyderabad Airport officials.

After multiple discussions and negotiations, they were positive about the sale and pre-ordered the containers two months in hand, in order to meet the deadlines. Their team firstly made notes of all the required specifications, screened for the best deals. Soon after, the containers were shipped from China to Mumbai and further transported to Hyderabad, the final destination. As a result, the company ended up finalizing the airport cold storage solution deal. The entire procurement process was full of challenges, however, with fruitful results. 

Enroute Hyderabad – Crystal’s installation team made their way to the site to mark history for their company. The installation of the three reefer containers took a total of 3 days, including the final tests and signing offs. The installation included all the documentation formalities, detailed explanation on the process and operation, they further progressed into product walkthroughs and safety protocols. On the 3rd day, the team trained the client maintenance team for safe and efficient use of the product and handed over the operations.  

Post Installation 
The airport cold storage infrastructure has now been successfully operating and recently, been inaugurated by the customs. The storage is a fully automated plant with the necessary features like the mantrap alarm, flat flooring, lights and strip curtains in order to efficiently store temperature controlled products. The containers run within two temperatures, -20 degrees and 2-8 degree Celsius, that’s the optimal temperature to store the COVID vaccines. The majority of these vaccines would be used for Indians and the rest would be imported further.

This project was one of a kind and definitely a first for this organization. This entire journey took over 60 days to complete. They are overjoyed with the appreciation they have received from the airport authorities and feel very lucky to have such an amazing opportunity to help out during the global pandemic. They are incredibly grateful and proud to be a part of the vaccine distribution and future well-being of this country. As a team, they are always seeking to get better and explore newer and greater ideas. 

To know more about the company’s cold chain solutions, please visit –

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