German Pharma Logistics Provider GROUP7 invests in data security

It is about data security – an important theme in view of increasing cyber attacks.

Munich- The Germany-based logistics service provider GROUP7 recently received the ISO 27001 certificate. The certification confirms the securing of confidentiality, the integrity and the availability of information in accordance with their respective protection requirements at the certified companies.

“According to the German Statistics office “Statista”, 46 percent of all companies in Germany have experienced at least one cyber attack within the past 12 months. In order for GROUP7 to withstand such attacks in the future, we made appropriate efforts years ago and consistently continue investing in data protection. With the ISO 27001 certificate, we have put our processes to the test once again and increased data security even further”, Günther Jocher, Managing Director of GROUP7 comments on the motivation for the effort of the certification process.

Positive customer feedback GROUP7 received the certification from the BSI Group, a company that is one of the international market leaders in standards and certifications. The seal applies to all GROUP7 logistics locations in Germany.

The successful certification team at GROUP7 included Thomas Wiederspahn, Head of Quality Management, Klaus Spielmann, Vice President and Head of Legal Department, as well as Carsten Cramer, IT Systems Engineer. “The initial feedback from our customers about the certification is highly positive. In the selection criteria for logistics service providers, data security is moving higher and higher in the priority list”, Klaus Spielmann explains.

As part of ISO 27001, the project team validated many processes and procedures. This included protecting valuable and sensitive information from unauthorized access, maintaining the integrity of the data from unauthorized or unknowing changes, effective access controls to sensitive areas and efficient risk management.

“In addition to checking the processes and procedures, raising our employees’ awareness was a crucial topic for us, because consistent data protection can only be successful if everyone at their workplace knows the risks and applies the appropriate safety regulations”, Thomas Wiederspahn concludes.

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